Toll Roads in Dallas.  They chop the length of your commute down by half or more.  The benefits are less gas consumption, feeling happier on one’s way to work and getting to locations on time.  The way lights are timed, you wait a good 3 minutes sometimes before it changes from red to green, a good 10 set of lights to potentially hit.

I have ‘ve paid some occasional thought to how much money I spend on the toll roads in Dallas.   The primary advantage of the tollroad is a much quicker commute.  Typical day I take the tollroad to work and side streets home.  That’s 1.18 a day time 5 days x 4 on average or 23.60 a month.  On top of that I can spend an additional 3-5/wk on tolls each week.  So $20 extra is a 43.60/mo.  I hate to wait, but I also hate to burn money when I don’t have to.  I’m thinking I could plan ahead and leave the house an extra 15 min earlier and save, but I’m not sure I’m that cheap. 😛