I Attended a Top College in the Nation / iPhone 5S/5C

I often have a bitter attitude when looking back on my education. Almost $50k in loans for three pieces of paper. I was very gung-ho and optimistic about the future while going to school, but the harshness of reality and a down economy weakened my spark.

Today, my alma mater sent me an email about how their school ranks #4 amongst private colleges and #31 overall.


Quick, what are the top colleges in the nation?Harvard? Princeton? How about St. Joseph’s College?

Earlier this month, The Washington Monthly released its annual list ranking higher education institutions across the United States. In the category of “Best Bang For Your Buck,” St. Joseph’s College New York was ranked No. 4 among private colleges, and No. 31 overall, edging out such renowned schools as Purdue, Rutgers, Michigan State and Barnard.

According to The Washington Monthly, “Bang For Your Buck schools are those that do the best job of helping nonwealthy students attain marketable degrees at affordable prices. And it is a pretty exclusive list: out of the 1,572 colleges and universities in our broader rankings, only 349 made the cut as best-bang-for-the-buck schools.”

St. Joseph’s College always strives to provide our students with a top-notch education at a great price, but we need your help to pass along that value to future generations. Please consider making a gift to SJC to help keep education affordable for all the students who will follow in your footsteps. “

For Masters Universities, St. Joseph’s ranked #11 with a net price after Pell Grants of $9807. 32% of students received the grants, 65% graduation rate and 6% rate of students defaulting on their loans. I couldn’t qualify for those based on my income at the time, but those numbers are on-part with my expectations. Around $500/credit * 36 credits MBA program = 18000.

I do think the extra 18000 spent helps distinguish me from some other job candidates. In the past it may have been in a detrimental capacity, applying to positions I was grossly overqualified for ($13/hr the credit union telephone member service rep position comes to mind). Time will tell, but proving myself in this industry will speak much louder.

Today Apple announced some new products, the iPhone 5S and 5C.

For the 5S, Apple made the switch to a 64-bit architecture. Twice the CPU and graphics performance of the 5. I won’t be eligible to upgrade my phone without paying a penalty for another year and still have a great grandfathered in data plan. So long story short, I’m saving my money and not upgrading until a year from now. The 6 will probably be out by then. There are still some very compelling features though… It’s a want not a need. My current phone works more than well enough…

I also use 8-10gb per month in data on my unlimited plan with AT&T. Without the unlimited plan factored in this would run me $120/mo plus taxes and miscellaneous fees vs the $102 I spend now…