No More Medical Debt – My Immediate 2017 Challenge

Just when I thought I could sit down to smell the roses after paying off the student loan debts, appendicitis struck. Though my stress levels would be higher if I had the car loan, student loan, *and* medical bills.

There will be more bills next month when I get the appendectomy. A rundown of the bills so far are below. I was going to put it into a spreadsheet but didn’t have the inspiration at 1AM on New Year’s Eve. Not all of these are from the ER  directly. Some are followups after the fact and other include lab work.

So for the first phase I’ll be paying about $4,500 according to estimates. Aflac may reimburse me $1,000 based on 2 days spent in the ER. Getting an itemized bill from the hospital that I’ll submit next week. Worth the $125 that I paid for it. Trying to be as aggressive as possible in getting this debt gone. Unlike the car that is 1.9% fixed, the credit card will jump to ~13% Truthfully though my credit card is at 0% until January 2018. Go Chase Slate card.

I paid over $13k in student loans during 2016. The total for medical debt should be around half that. Thank god I have insurance though. Even with deductibles to hit, I’m still getting a pretty huge discount. Not how I wanted to start the new year, but it’s a short-term reality.

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a Happy and Safe 2017.

Hospital Emergency Room Bills after Insurance

30-Life Crisis

Think I’m having a bit of a mid-life crisis. Looking back on the accomplishments of my life. Where am I now and what have I done over the course of my life. It’s kind of disheartening.

One of the guys I went to undergrad with is meeting with the CEO of a pretty huge networking company in New York City tomorrow.
Update: It was at the #structure conference, I don’t feel so bad now. 😛
He has also been on trips to Europe and across the US. I by comparison don’t have a passport and wouldn’t really be able to comfortably afford a trip to Europe until well after 2 years from now. My bf is also planning to go to a gamer meetup in a few months with a friend in San Francisco. I’m not going because a) I lack the vacation time and b) I simply don’t have $900 in disposable income for airfare / hotel / food.

I’m still scraping to get by on my $35k salary and student loans that still exceeds my annual income.

I cancelled my $50k life insurance policy at the $34 paid every month was starting to weigh on me. It is a whole life policy where it will reach the full face value decades and decades into the future. I do have a policy though my job that I pay for each pay period. In my opinion the money is better spent elsewhere. A 20 year term which Suze Orman recommends is what I plan to go with. Still trying to shop around for the best value. Exploring doing it with the company I have my car and life insurance through.

I’ve dealing with a minor health issue right now as well with my eardrum twitching. I’m not sure if it’s brought about by anxiety, but I have never experienced this for two days in a row and it’s a bit unsettling. I left work early and used sick time to go to the doctor and rest in general. They flushed out my ear and didn’t see anything majorly wrong.

I don’t just want, but I need the next 10 years to be better than the last. I stayed with jobs that were getting me nowhere, wasn’t the best at establishing friendships and let life control me instead of the other way around. I’ve been diligently looking at jobs to apply for but time and time again I read the reviews or see what type of experience is needed and say that isn’t going to work.

These issues have been a barrier to my success for quite some time now. I think I almost need to hypnotize myself into thinking positively and not being a bitter person.