Downpayment Complete

Got the $1500 of cash together. Closing in less than two weeks.  Really looking forward to not renting anymore.  The ants are coming back and the antiquated air conditioning unit has been running full blast so far this summer spring.

There are  some costs that moving is eliminating or going to reduce.

  1. Car Wash – Going to do this on my own instead of paying 12.50 each time.  I go on average once every 2 weeks.  Savings 25/mo or 300/yr.  Car Wash is pretty cheap stuff and lasts a few months.
  2. Washer / Dryer – Thanks to our friend’s practically brand-new appliance donation to us,  no longer paying money to Appliance Warehouse.  Savings 35/mo or 420/yr.
  3. Gas – We pay 35/mo for our gas-powered hot water heater and fireplace that barely gets used because it’s shut off by the complex half the time during the winter. Savings 35/mo or 420/yr.
  4. Phone – We are getting rid of our landline phone.  We pay for this phone only because it’s linked to the front gate to let people in.  Part of a triple pay package, the phone bill is 38.64 of the 137.21. Savings 463.68 a year.
By the power of the forces combined, saving 133 a month.  I expect our electricity bill to be 25% less too.  Ground level, new HVAC unit and more shaded area.

Planning to optimize my cell phone too if possible.  Paying 1200/yr, not in a contract and I don’t even have the latest iPhone.   AT&T, grandfathered into the unlimited data package, $20/mo for unlimited texting / mobile to mobile, 450 anytime minutes and a couple thousand rollover minutes I guarantee you I will never use. I use data more than anything and ATT constantly sends me messages about going over my usage and warning me that I may be throttled.  If I switch to Sprint I can save about 25/mo with a Corporate Discount.  Holding off there until the 5 comes out since 4S can’t use Sprint’s 4G network.

The last couple days we’ve spent a lot eating out with friends.  Some have expensive taste.  $12 for a drink, $15 for brunch and 20-30 for an entree.  Of course if we stay there a few hours we’re going to drink.  Then we went somewhere else and drank some more.  I enjoy getting out, but the money adds up real fast.  On my own I would probably never partake, at least not at my income level.

Out of my funk now, think I need to get used to doing things on my own that make me happy and doing things with people independent of my significant other. 🙂  Totally off-topic, just watched a Documentary called Fat Head that really shifts my whole approach toward losing weight and getting healthier.  Key points: The low fat, low calorie advice we’ve been given for the last few decades is wrong.  Excess carbs cause body inflammation and rising insulin levels which make it very difficult to lose body fat.  I went hardcore no fat in my diet a year intentionally and was in a complete mental fog and the crankiest I’ve ever been.  Some buttered toast and I was back to normal.

My point here is to tweak what you’re doing if it isn’t working for you.  Don’t just blindly follow anyone’s advice if it doesn’t feel right to you. I’ve done that before and gotten burned more times than I care to admit. :O

Automation Sidetracked

Turns out I will need 2500 for my part of the downpayment on the townhouse by the beginning of June.  I will get a portion of it back, but the exact amount is yet to be determined.  It all depends on what is leftover after our moving expenses and painting and other minor bits and pieces.  It’s only fair since I have lived pretty much rent-free for a few months and had my bills covered.

Four pay periods left and I have 2100 to go.  525 each paycheck.  I can do this.  Bumping up my weekly allocation to 262.50 from 200/week.  Moving into a townhouse, I’m viewing it as an investment in my future.  Was kinda pissed at first, but discipline is key to reaching any goal. 🙂  I’m thankful I have a job to pay my bills and it’s a good one.