No bueno / pipe issue…

On the plus side I could’ve went on a crazy shopping spree and have this expense come up…Having our handyman / plumber fix this today. The problem is the roots from the trees in front of the house have gotten so deep and wrapped around the pipes that go into the sewage system. The bleach bottle is not there for dramatic effect, it was covering up the drainage hole so roaches wouldn’t enter the house. I saw about 8 roaches altogether enter the house through there since June (despite cleaning, traps, sprays)  and this was was working fine..

Not sure if I or my bf will be footing the bill. Hopefully it’s not too much.  It’s almost noon and I haven’t showered yet.ImageHope no one seeing this was about to eat…


Home Repairs…

Fortunately nothing too major, but could’ve been if left neglected for a prolonged period of time.

1. Gutters cleaned – no one wants water dripping in areas it doesn’t belong.
2. Roof work completed between the brick and shingles on the roof. If we got this fixed at the time the house was purchased it would run us $200.
3. Downstairs shower handle fixed. Couldn’t get hot water in the shower, only lukewarm. Obviously an issue when guests are over and we don’t want them using the shower next to our master bedroom.
4. Upstairs faucet leaking. Drip drop, about 2 times every second. The USGS has a neat little chart to show water usage. By estimates we were wasting 5-11 gallons of water a day and possibly increased energy usage by keeping the hot water heater turning on and off. Needed new o-rings, valves and handles.
5. Back door fixed. Neighbor had foundation work a few months ago and ever since then the door wouldn’t shut right.

What amazed me is the price our contractor charged. Only $400 total between parts and labor. Lots of others would have tried to charge us hundreds more. We will definitely have him do more work for us in the future.