I hate ants


The more I think about it, the more I think moving into a townhouse is a good idea.  The latest chapter of events is a reminder.  We’re currently having a problem with ants. Ants fall below roaches and spiders on my freakout radar.  I killed about 300 of the suckers.  I’m not exaggerating either.  They crawled under our front door and were around the door, along the walls, on the kitchen counter.  I didn’t leave any food out.  An exterminator came and is coming again Wednesday.

Also got our electricity bill, it went up to 142 and it’s not even super hot out yet.  One of my friends with a house over 2500sq ft pays on average 100-120 for his entire place. a month.  Also got the paperwork for renewing our lease, which we won’t doing.  They want to go up from 1275 to 1295 a month, not including pet fee or water which adds on around $45 extra each month.  Our discount for the first year gone.  16080 for a year’s worth of rent.  In the words of Suze Orman… “I don’t think so”.

Don’t get me wrong, I like this place but it’s just a big money pit long term.  After 5 years out half our townhouse would be paid off.

Work is going well, my employer is okay with paying us some OT.  Quite an adjustment to go from my lower hourly rate NY job with a 30miles roundtrip commute, state tax, can’t work over 37.5hrs a week, working 3 saturdays a month, double the real estate prices and double the insurance premiums to Dallas job where I drive 10 miles, pay no state tax, work 40+ hours, and all everything else.  I think I see why a lot of people in NY area cranky.  Pay so much money out without so much to show for it.  Of course there are always exceptions…

I still ❤ New York and plan to visit in the next few months.  Really want to see Fire Island and Manhattan in between seeing family and friends.