February 2020 Update

February 2020 Update:
As of 2/21/2020:
401k: $75,068.17
Roth IRA: $4.704.99
HSA: $554.93
Total Retirement: $80,328.09

Car Loan: $4,294.28
Car Warranty: $258.50
iPhone 11 Pro: $1,067.20
Credit Card: $1,355.77
Total Debt: $6,975.75

Earlier this week my 401k + Roth IRA balance surpassed $80k, then the market took a bit of a dive. I’m contributing the largest amount I feel comfortable with. $1467/mo plus my employer match. That’s equal to my rent + car payment combined. I’m over having a car payment, you have no idea. Roughly 8 more payments to go and only 2 on the car warranty.

I feel like I’ve made a lot of sacrifices the past few years. Living in location with affordable rent but not close to work, not travelling much, watching each dollar I spend like a hawk. Ok maybe some of those wouldn’t go away with more disposable income but still.

My credit card balance is up this month due to two main reasons.
1 – I replaced my 2015 QHD computer monitor with a 2019 4k model. I originally bought it for $429.99 then got an $80 price match dropping it to $349.99. I love this monitor, it’s so incredibly sharp. Plus I’m experimenting a bit with 4k content creation. Shipped the old one to my parents who have two old monitors from 2001 / 2005 so my original $450+ purchase won’t completely be a waste.
2 – I booked a trip to see my family in New York. I haven’t been on a plane since July 2019. I’m getting the urge to leave Dallas for a couple of days. I try to stay off Social Media, lots of my friends are going on trips several times a month either for work or fun. Booked the coach flight through Expedia and got a discount for the car rental. Decided to get the car insurance since I have a $1k deductible on my own personal vehicle. Altogether the bill will be $492.37.
3 – Life – Things like getting shots for the dog, shipping the old monitor out to my parents, groceries, eating out with friends, occasional clothing purchases. Recurring expenses.

I still would like to plan a non-New York trip this year. Thinking about Fincon 2020 but not sure how much I would benefit from such a trip. I’m not exactly a popular blogger or Youtuber. There would be benefits from being around a community of like-minded individuals with a Financial Independence Retire Early mindset.

Last but not least I’m single again. No regrets. Just couldn’t see things going much further than they were. We are still friends and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still miss the familiarity of it all. I feel like after a year dating we should’ve had a general idea of what they next step was. I was allergic to his bunnies and they were afraid of my dog. I wasn’t and still am not sure if Texas is my long-term destination, but the economy isn’t great right now. There was a time where I thought about what things would be like living together. That was short-lived though. He’s still a good person and I hope he can find a husband again. Sometimes the best thing to do is to let things dissolve amicably. I’m still optimistic about finding love, enjoying life, and reaching my goals.

Aside from that I posted a few other videos to the YouTube channel. My last video was a trainwreck so I pulled it down. Some things you just can’t rush in the morning before you go to work. Lessons learned. It still feels weird writing our 2020 on anything I post here. Forever 2020 was *the future*, now it’s the present.