Shout out to Double Debt Single Woman

Paying off a huge student loan balance without a bailout is a huge accomplishment. That’s exactly what a fellow blogger did on the Double Debt Single Woman blog.

Her student loan balance started off at a whopping $112,258.42. That’s more than double mine, plus she had additional credit card debt of $30,340. That’s freaking insane. Her journey took a total of 21 years, can you believe that? She switched jobs, had bosses from hell, roommate drama, but still managed to contribute to a six-figure retirement account, for a net worth of almost $200k.

Here is where she started:

And her latest update from last week:

I’m inspired by her tenacity, have been reading her blog posts for years at this point. I still plan to be completely debt free in a few months, barring any emergencies. Then on to the massive wealth accumulation phase.

Hope we continue to see more blog posts Woman! Thanks for sharing your story with all of us!

November 2019 – Financial Update

401k: $63,709.07
Roth IRA: $4,354.17
HSA: $498.74
Total Retirement: $68,561.98

Car Loan: $5,902.88
Car Warranty: 646.25
iPhone 11 Pro: $1,235.68
Credit Card: $3,079.55
Total Debt: $10,864.36

My credit card balance went up since my last update. Why might you ask? Aside from my veterinarian visit the other week… I decided to purchase this bad boy.
2019 16″ MacBook Pro. I did buy my 15″ Certified Refurbished model in April but the changes were a little too good for me to pass up.Macbook Pro 16 Box

The configuration I purchased has the following specs: 16GB 2666MHz DDR4, Amd Radeon Pro 5500 w/ 4GB of GDDR6 memory, new keyboard, 1TB SSD. For me the biggest selling points were the added storage, traditional scissor switch keyboard, 3x improved GPU performance over my machine, 2 more CPU cores. Apple offered me $1400 for the old machine which will reduce the above credit card balance and I got the education store discount oin top of it. I absolutely love this new computer, I played some games on Parallels without any lag. I could type on it for hours without getting carpal tunnel flareups, something I could not say with my old system.

I’m thankful that my income allows me to purchase the gadgets I enjoy, and my housing costs are fairly low. I do regret not travelling more in 2019. 4 trips – Palm Springs, New York, Boston / Provincetown, Las Vegas. Ok I guess that is a lot… 😀 For 2020 I’d love to go to Key West, Seattle, San Francisco, see my family in New York. At least one international trip.

Come June my goal is to stay true to the name of this blog and be completely debt free. It’s also when my 0% APR credit card offer comes to an end. I know I’m not going to become rich through my investments alone so exploring other possibilities. Not comparing myself to my friends who make $120k-$200k+ per year but it does make me think about what I could be doing differently to get closer to that goal.

Dogs are Expensive

I love my dog. I recently spent over $1k related to her health matters.

  1. Went to my normal animal hospital to have a lump looked at on her chest and get a vaccine. Total cost $186.15vetvisit1The place gave me a quote for a dental cleaning + surgery removal that was been $900 and $1300. I decided that was too much and wanted a second opinion.
  2. I go to another place requiring I pay for a consultation again., That trip was about $126.86. Included a blood test, discussing my options, etc.
  3. The actual dental cleaning / anesthesia / surgery / removal of 7 teeth was $788.61.anothervetvisit
  4. No joke, the second day after the above appointment my dog vomited about 12 times in different areas of the carpet along with issues out the other end. I had to take her in for another visit two days later on Saturday morning. The total is $176.57.anothervetvisit3The brings me to a combined total of $1,151.33. I love my dog, despite the huge vet bill. At least my card is 0% until May and I can probably pay this off in full within 30 days.



“I’ll ruff to that”. She’s fine now, snoring away without a care in the world. Her stitches come out in a week 😀