October 2019 – Financial Update

I’m chip chip chipping away at my debt, and investing. My dog is having a somewhat pricey vet bill coming up early next month. Cleaning and getting a small fatty lump removed. Probably will set me back around $400.

Recently found out that my employer is not giving out raises or bonuses this year. While miffed, I will take this over any type of layoff or downsizing. Many others are in situations where they are stressed beyond belief, facing health issues, or struggling to make ends meet. I’m just not growing as quickly as I want to. I need to commit to basically earning the 4% raise I deserve in my head through other activities.

401k: $59,897.07
Roth IRA: $4,184.82
HSA: 427.63
Total Retirement: $64,513.33

Total Debt:
Car Loan: $6,436.64
Car Warranty: $775.50
iPhone 11 Pro: $1,292
Credit Card: $1,328
Total Debt: $9,832.14

You may have seen my iPhone balance jump over the $505.60 last month. I’ve been on the iPhone upgrade program since June 2018 and decided to take advantage of it. Better battery life, camera, night mode, improved screen, fast charge. All features I will use on a regular basis. It’s still about $56/mo. After 12 months I can just swap it for the next new model.

I also have started experimenting with playing music as a hobby. At work I’m usually looking at spreadsheets, data, email. It’s nice to do something completely different, creative, and more right-brained in nature. So I bought an inexpensive MIDI USB keyboard that I can plug into my laptop and Logic Pro X. I played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the bass clef for Pachelbel’s Canon in D. My grandfather knows how to play, maybe some of that will rub off on me… 😀

Despite my recent purchases, I will be close to hitting a $0 credit card balance once I get paid tomorrow. Back to investing heavy in my 401k, getting the tax write off and hoping that I will have a huge nest egg in 2033.