My Friends Lost Everything Due to a Fire

Taking 5 minutes to type this up quickly before I head into work. Posting this to my network for a friend (who also happens to be a reader of this blog). He also used to be my neighbor, is a life coach and all around great guy. He and his partner recently had a house fire and lost everything. They have insurance but it won’t cover everything they have lost. Every little bit helps. So far they have 18 donations and have raised $2,040 of their $5k goal. Here is the Link to the Donation Page on Facebook.


Donate if you would like. I hope they can get their lives back together. ❤

September 2019 – Financial Update


Three years ago! That’s how long ago it’s been since paying off my student loans. I am still not debt free. However I have been net worth positive for years now. It’s a huge relief not to owe a single dollar to Sallie Mae / Navient.

401k – $59,450.66
Roth IRA – $4,158.89
HSA – $331.10
Total Retirement: $63,940.65

Credit Cards – $1,132.86 @ 0%
iPhone X Loan – $505.60
Car Warranty – $904.75 (7 payments of $129.25 left)
Car Loan: $6,969.80 (78% done paying it off)
Total Debt: $9,513.01

I decided to ditch Betterment for my Roth IRA. No complaints about them but I just don’t like fees. Going to invest in FZROX which has 0% in fees. Hope to have this completed over the next 3 weeks.

Taking my foot off the 20% 401k contributions  for a month or so to get my credit card bill down to $0.00 and pay off the iPhone X loan. Kind of silly that I haven’t been able to pay either off for months and months. One of my friends is a life coach and I wasn’t able to pay the $2500 she would charge for 6 months worth of coaching without going into massive debt. I still am undecided about whether to sign up.

My office chair broke this week. I spent about $7 fixing it with screws and bungee cord. Couldn’t in good faith drop $200 on a replacement that still could have the same poor design.

A few weeks ago my car wouldn’t start. I got roadside assistance to give me a jump, then drove to the dealership with a $20 off coupon. Needed a new battery, this one at least has an 84 month warranty. With tax I was on the hook for $143.19. Later this month I’ll spend $20 on an oil change plus whatever else the car needs. i wouldn’t say it’s an endless money pit but minimum $1k in auto expenses monthly is wearing me down.

Then over the weekend I popped a spoke on my bike. About $30 to fix it again. I have the equipment to fix it but last time I tried, I popped a spoke again the next ride. Then I needed some more Keto Fire supplements, and replaced cologne that is about to run out. Little things add up. I saw some super fit people running outside my local Run On shop. Two of the guys took off their shirt in this 90+° temperatures and had six packs. I’m still around 240-245ish 5’8 and workout regularly. I know I can get to that point again in time, with the right choices.

Seems like all these people I know are travelling all over. I wonder where they get the money. Some have a sponsor, points, drive a 10 year old beat up car, or use credit cards. I take regular detox  sessions from social media. It’s proven to be good for your health.

Last but not least no matter where you are in your journey, remember to love yourself. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes in life. One of my friends former roomates was struggling with severe depression early this month. I never met the guy but saw my friend posted it had been 2 weeks since the guy passed away. Dude was in his 20s too, so much life ahead of him. Then another story of a guy who asked for a paycheck and his boss shot him. Two degrees of separation. Now the family and friends have a gofundme page up to help with the burial.

My grandmother’s would be 80th birthday is coming up. We lost her 20 years ago and my dad 5 years after that. There are only like 2 people in my family I talk to with any type of regularity, none of them live within a 1000 mile radius of Texas. Gets lonely sometimes but that’s how things are. Making new friends hasn’t been easy. I’m practicing letting go of negative thoughts and visualizing the benefits of meeting new people. It’s not easy, but the alternative just isn’t working for me. Old and bitter is not a good look on me.