A Non-Financial Update

An acquaintaince of mine in Dallas is struggling for his life. While on vacation in Hawaii he was driving a car with his mom and it suddenly caught on fire. His mom jumped out of the car while it was moving at 45mph but the guy I know stayed in the car until it came to a stop. He currently has burns on 85% of his body, is fighting infection, and has a temperature of 104°. I donated to the family charity via a church tithing site and hope that science and prayer will allow him to pull through.

Today I had a testing moment. I get to work and one of the managers at my apartment complex says they never received a rent check for July. My initial thought was WTF, I sent that over via Bill Pay on May 28th. Then today the online Bill Payment for August went through. I am proactive about paying it early for a reason. The check was never cashed though.

Went through a series of about 10 steps – Calling the apartment complex, calling the bill payment company who told me to call my credit union, calling my credit union and having them cancel the transaction, calling the complex back, asking to speak to the lady’s manager, e-mailing screenshots of my online bill payment and August payment to the manager (who I emailed just a few days prior for the amount owed for August), sending an email to corporate and the manager, pulling money from my line of credit to transfer to my checking account, linking my debit card to the resident services account, making a payment for what I owed, calling the complex manager back to inform her that the payment was made…. Needless to say that little debacle stressed me the fuck out.

All along this process I was accruing fees. $50 the first say, $10 the day after that, then $20, then $30. Firm but polite has always been my way of dealing with situatinos like this. Luckily I got all the fees reversed and asked the manager to take my work number off my account completely. Had they just called my cell phone and left a message, all of this confusion would have been avoided. Going forward I’m just going to give them a physical check and be done with it. It’s strange though I basically have been going through the same system for over 4 years with no issues.

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