June 2019 Update

May flew by, starting off the second week of June. Quick update:

401k: $51,300.56
Roth IRA: $4.012.38
HSA: $102.60
Total Retirement: $55,415.54

Current Liabilities:
Credit Card: Effectively $0 since I pay it off monthly
Car Loan: $8,585.91
Car Warranty: $1,292.50
iPhone X : $674.08
Total Debt: $10,552.49

Something a bit disturbing happened recently here in Dallas. We had some very powerful storms go through, lots of downed trees, one of my friends had no power for 24 hours. Friends with a restaurant had no power for 48 hours. I was fortunate though, had electricity the whole time, no property damage. Others not so fortunate though…


Crane Fell into an Apartment Building
Crane Fell into an Apartment Building

A crane fell on an apartment complex not very far from where my Boston friends used to live and is visible from the parking garage I use daily. One person died, a beautiful young lady of only 29 years of age. I considered moving to this complex back in 2017 but decided not to because it was out of my budget. From what I’ve heard lots of people had to evacuate the building within a matter of minutes and many weren’t allowed to return. It sounds like a small thing, but… 534 people are displaced from their homes, in many cases they will only be able to carry a handful of smaller items with them. TVs, furniture, beds, in some cases vehicles too. All left behind.

Coincidentally my lease is up for renewal. I strongly considered moving closer to work but it just wasn’t in the cards. I really don’t like the Downtown area, my bf lives close to my current place, and my rent is still pretty cheap. My new 12 month lease will be $880/mo plus ~$25 for water / sewage / trash. Even in some of the hotter days my electricity bill is under $60.

I am still thinking about the future though, possibly buying a 2 bedroom townhouse / condo is what I will do. Something big enough to be comfortable, with fairly low overhead, and sellable if that needs to happen. I have been talking about home ownership for a while but needed to get my foundation solid. Will I ever return to New York? Not with my current salary, the high rents, taxes, congestion. I’ll continue to visit though.

Recently I discovered one of my former coworkers was arrested for fraud and could be facing up to 20 years in prison. There was a previous incident but in my mind I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I held this individual in high esteem, he was a bit of a role model to me earlier in my career. Charismatic, a person of color like me, educated, drove a nice luxury SUV, had a 3 bedroom house, was able to put his kids through college. I think of the video with Tyra Banks – We Rooted For You. Honestly disappointed he didn’t make wiser choices in life.

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