Life Updates – Traveling to Colorado and Boston

Not too long ago I wrote what I thought was a pretty freaking amazing blog post. Then unbeknownst to me, as I hit the publish button, the entire thing was gone. You’d think I would have known by now… So this my readers is my second attempt at writing a June posting. Arguably this version will be bigger, better, faster, stronger.

In May I went on a work trip to beautiful Colorado Springs. I stayed at a resort that is known around the country as being one of the top places in the entire state. Drinks were shared, stories of business were told along with some amazing sights. The city was about a mile high and I completely was not ready for it. Next time I will do more research before going someplace with such a huge change in elevation / climate. My nose will thank me.


After settling back in Dallas for another week, I made a trip up to Boston to drop off the cat I’ve had around for months. Its owners owed and promptly paid me $500 for associated expenses including cat food, cat litter, cat litter box, toys, treats, veterinary bills. They also covered my airfare and shuttled me around.

Boston is a beautiful city. Some of the sites I got to experience include Harvard University, Paul Revere’s house & statue, Quincy Market, New England Aquarium, Cambridge and Dedham. It’s a lot more walkable than Dallas, and the parking garages were a bit on the pricey side. The cost of real estate was kind of insane. $500k was the starting point for many pieces of property, with many exceeding that. On the flip side, my odds of finding a partner are higher, it’s more socially progressive, and closer to my aging parents. The $64k  question… 5 years out do I still want to live 1500+ miles away from family..

Upon returning to Dallas, I was blessed with a nail in my rear tire. Got the tire plug patched at a nearby Goodyear service center before work and was good to go. The repair was $25, I opened up a claim and got $12 back. When I bought the tires in April they included Road Hazard Protection. Luckily it was a cheap repair and I didn’t have to file a claim for a completely new tire…


I think my soul yearns to travel more. I made excuses for years about wanting to find the right person to go with. Only to realize I’m not getting any younger. Plus  you can’t bank vacation time, either you use it or you lose it. I’ll end this with a quote by Paula Pant of Afford AnythingYou can afford anything, but not everything”.

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