Car Warranty Claim- I saved $600 potentially

Noticed condensation in my passenger side headlight this weekend. 2 weeks away from owning it for 2 years old and still under warranty. Guy at the service center said it still looked brand new. Before you think I’m making a big deal out of nothing, it’s possible this problem could get worse. Water + electrical current is not good, especially in the event of major rainfall. We had some heavy rainfall in Dallas two weeks ago and likely will get a few more until it starts getting a lot warmer. Here are two pictures of the headlight assembly.


Priced new, one would run over $600.


A few weeks ago I tried to replace my in-cabin microfilter. The left is the dirty one and the right is the replacement that got stuck.. I spent an hour trying to pull out with a screwdriver, almost cutting up my fingers while on my back before sunset. Thankfully O’Reillys had a replacement for about $20.


It’s official, each of the last 3 cars I’ve owned has been totaled. I found the 2008 Altima, which I owned for 6 years on a salvage site. I owned the car for 6 years and spent $2300 on upgrading the audio system. At the time it seemed like *so* much money. Now I think about other things that could’ve been done with the money. Or how much interest I would have saved putting that toward the student loan instead.

This is what the car looked like in November 2017:

versus when I had it stowed safely away in a garage. On the bright side I got about $9k for it at trade-in.


As much as I love cars, I was skimming through old pictures I had and realized I valued the people and experiences in my life more. It’s been an interesting 6 3/4 years in Dallas. I have pictures of place I travelled to, temp housing, first apartment, first house, my current apartment, cruises, places I’ve travelled. Friends who moved away or went crazy.  I’d like to make new memories with someone. Seems like a dream from where I stand today. Online it’s usually no response, no mutual attraction, or just chatting with no intention of meeting.

Maybe I’m just overly cautious in my years. Don’t want to pick the wrong guy, or take a chance on one who has no interest in dating or getting to know each other. Then again there were quite a few who were and I let them fall through the cracks. I could write a book with all the stories. I’m tired though, chatting with mostly 20 somethings feels like a waste of time.

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