I Did It! – No More Credit Card Debt



Hey guys and gals. I’ve been quiet for a while. Life, new job, and some temporary frustration as my credit card balance went up, not down. It’s time to provide an update. November 2016 I went to the emergency room with insurance, had lots of testing, some surgery, stayed two nights and ended up with roughly $3500 of bills. Then in January I went back to the hospital to have my appendix removed laparoscopically. Instead of dealing with a constant barrage of hospital bills coming in the mail, or risking something going to collections, Put it on a 0% credit card, offer ended January 2018, so it was a race to get everything paid off before then.


$7,128.96 of bills leftover after hitting my insurance deductibles. I was fortunate enough to have a healthy income but still had to make some sacrifices. I also chose to buy some high ticket items like my 15″ MacBook Pro Touch Bar, 4k Samsung TV, a new tailored suit. trip to Puerto Vallarta (one of my cheapest trips ever coincidentally) to see friends who were getting married.

What Didn’t I Do? I chose not to go on a cruise or trip to Europe with friends, didn’t go to any three $$$ sign restaurants on Yelp, kept my iPhone 7+ instead of getting an 8 or X, didn’t upgrade my Asus QHD monitor to 4k, didn’t fly to New York to see family over the holidays.

How do I feel? Pretty darn good. It’s like a weight off my shoulders. I still have the car payment to worry about. I’m also working on my actual weight, bought a bluetooth scale from Target about 2 weeks ago.

NMAC Car Payment Balance February 3, 2018
NMAC Car Payment Balance February 3, 2018

I still can’t decide how early to pay the car off. I technically could do it in a year, but is it that important to me? Could I downsize and still be happy? Emergency fund and experiences are also important. Plus there is the potential to move. The apartment is quiet and covers my necessities at this point. However a 38 minute commute each way + 10 min walk from the parking garage to the office is a little bit taxing. If I could drop that by 20 minutes I’d get more sleep and stress levels would be a bit lower. Decisions…

2 thoughts on “I Did It! – No More Credit Card Debt

  1. Great job! Way to go on getting that credit card debt cleared. I would pay off the car and then focus on moving. You will have so much freedom to choose where to go.

    • Thanks for the words of support. I’ve decided moving is not the best decision for me at this time. Just started contributing 20% to my 401k and still have a lot of money left on the car loan. Little in terms of an emergency fund. God willing next time around (August 2019) the car loan will be gone. 17 month target.

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