December 2017 – Credit Card Check – $1881.99


Note – This posting was made at the beginning of December 2017. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have all come and gone. One more month and the credit card balance will be *gone*. Kaput, sayonara, bye bye bye. I could make an argument the remaining balance isn’t even medical debt anymore. My shiny MacBook Pro purchase was $2k that went on this card so now I’m just paying for that, at a 0% interest rate for the next 56 days, or less.

No profound life changing events going on. I have been reading more about the power of discipline though. Trying to deal with stress better.

Still on the fence about what to do after the credit card balance is gone.  I’m thinking stashing away some rainy day cash might be a good idea. About $4500 would be good.

Current Debt:
Credit Card $1881.99 @ 0%
Cell Phone: $463.99 @ 0%
Nissan Loan: $21,624.33 @ 1.9%
Total Debt: $23,970.31

Current Retirement:
401K: $32,321.21
Roth IRA: $145.58
Total Retirement: $32,466.79

About to write another blog posting, some changes are coming down the pipe.

3 thoughts on “December 2017 – Credit Card Check – $1881.99

  1. If I were you, I’d increase the amount going into the retirement fund if you can. Now that I have had my retirement funds going for a while, it’s amazing the power of time and compounding interest can do for your money.

      • You most definitely can! Of course, just keep in mind that you’re in it for the long haul where retirement savings is concerned. Back in 2008, my now ex=husband and I lost about 30% of our portfolio value. I’ve definitely gained it back since then and then some, but still, it hurt. Just keep it diversified and you should be fine.

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