Life Updates

Several weeks ago I spent $1,492 at Men’s Warehouse. That is more than I pay for clothes in *two* years. Why? Without giving away too many details, this is a company where apparence matters. In 2013, 30 pounds light I bought a suit, and it doesn’t really fit me properly today. With a gal friend’s assistance I decided to get a new suit, this one in gray vs my standard safe black look.

I’m slowly phasing out the clothes in my closet that have felt kind of frumpy / old mannish. When your guy friends ask you where you bought clothes from and it’s clearance, or at a low priced online only retailer, you start to get a little self conscious…. Plus I’m a Leo (we like to be a little more flashy) and gay (previous point ^2), so those two things make me less willing to stick with older cheaper clothes that are falling apart. Funny story I ripped a pair of old khakis I had last week. Clothes that fit matter….

What did this money get me?
1. 3 Dress Shirts
2. Brown leather belt
3. Dress shoes
4. Overcoat – this was an “extra from the suit purchase”
5. 2 pairs of fancy jeans
6. 3 ties – another extra from the dress shirt purchase
7. Tie clip
8. Pants hemmed for proper length
9. Suit

So yeah, I didn’t just pay for a suit. I think the value for what I was pretty darned high. Was it worth it?

Well I *did* get the job. It was more due to connections and my skills than the clothes I wore. Still, I will get a lot of use out of these clothes down the road.

Haven’t started but I’m super excited. Kinda funny in 2012 I applied at the *same* company for a position paying half as much. Was a bit heartbroken for not getting it but honestly I wasn’t ready. I may end up moving to an apartment closer to work as my commute time will increase to about 40 min from 30 now. Lease isn’t up until June 14th though…

My rent today is about $840/mo and the places more downtown are more like $1200/mo. In some I’d have to give up my washer / dryer both paid for in cash. Is it worth it to be in a more desirable area where my friends are located? The verdict is still out. I also am against paying a ton of money on rent in general. Time is also money though. If I can reduce commute time by 3-4 hours a week it adds up. I’ll be more refreshed / happier overall.

I could also save for a year and put a down payment on a townhouse. I keep waiting for the bubble to burst but it hasn’t happened yet, just as I have with cryptocurrency. Lots of choices… Isn’t that what life is all about though?

December 2017 – Credit Card Check – $1881.99


Note – This posting was made at the beginning of December 2017. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have all come and gone. One more month and the credit card balance will be *gone*. Kaput, sayonara, bye bye bye. I could make an argument the remaining balance isn’t even medical debt anymore. My shiny MacBook Pro purchase was $2k that went on this card so now I’m just paying for that, at a 0% interest rate for the next 56 days, or less.

No profound life changing events going on. I have been reading more about the power of discipline though. Trying to deal with stress better.

Still on the fence about what to do after the credit card balance is gone.  I’m thinking stashing away some rainy day cash might be a good idea. About $4500 would be good.

Current Debt:
Credit Card $1881.99 @ 0%
Cell Phone: $463.99 @ 0%
Nissan Loan: $21,624.33 @ 1.9%
Total Debt: $23,970.31

Current Retirement:
401K: $32,321.21
Roth IRA: $145.58
Total Retirement: $32,466.79

About to write another blog posting, some changes are coming down the pipe.