Credit Card Check – $3501.35


Hard to believe it’s November already. Like my credit card debt, 2017 will soon be over. As of early November my credit card balance is $3,501.35. That’s $972.12 down from last month with the $599 tv purchase included.

Speaking of the television, I opened up a claim since the price went down $50. That’s about an 8% change. Hopefully they don’t give me a hard time honoring it…

Car Loan: $22,141.80
Credit Card: $3501.35
AT&T Credit Card Loan: $492.99
Total Debt: $26,136.14

401k: $31,011.97
Roth IRA: $144.18
Total Retirement: $31,156.15

Cell Phone – $300
Car – $22k
Bike – $200
TV – $500
Computer – $1500
Total Assets (Estimated):  $24,500

Approximate Net Worth: $29,520

Have a friend who is considering bankruptcy. He lives a somewhat lavish lifestyle, $900/mo car lease, has to fly first class, expensive SLR camera originally around $2k, rent close to $2200/mo, student loans, and credit card debt of tens of thousands of dollars. He asked some mutual friends of ours for a personal loan of several $k and was going to be short on his rent a few months back. No idea if anyone lent him the money. I tried a few times to talk him into downsizing but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

About to head to work, keep fighting the good fight! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Credit Card Check – $3501.35

  1. That is really sad to hear about your friend. In a way, I kind of hope that no one did lend him money to cover rent, and that in turn, helped him to figure out priorities. Not that either of us are judging him, but if he keeps getting bailed out, he won’t learn. I also understand your frustration about trying to talk to him and having your words fall on deaf ears. People won’t hear your words until they are ready to do so.

    Congrats on reducing that credit card debt. I know it will be gone soon!

    • Thanks Terri! They did end up lending him money. I still have a feeling he hasn’t learned his lesson though. He’s currently $100k in debt, doesn’t own a house, leases his car and still seems to be about living a lavish lifestyle. He is considering bankruptcy as an easier way out of it than paying it off.

      • That is so sad to hear. Yes, I have 100K+ in debt but it’s mainly student loans. My credit card debt is around 3400 and my car loan is at about 4500. And I don’t live lavishly because I can’t afford to do so and even if I could, I wouldn’t want to. Simple living is more for me. 🙂

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