2016 Nissan Maxima – How much has it cost me?

So I’ve owned the 2016 Maxima for about 17 months now. This last week I switched from a synthetic blend 5W30 oil to Mobil1 Full Synthetic. The cost was $20 since I prepaid for the synthetic-blend oil changes already. The car was scheduled for a brake fluid change which was about $109. I also got the tires rotated. Total cost? $134.50 including a $25 off coupon I printed out from an e-mail.

Let’s move onto the loan itself.month16nissanmaximapayments.png
I hate paying interest for anything but $720 in 16 months really isn’t that bad.

Let’s not forget insurance….


and gasoline works out to about $35/wk for premium fuel. $35*4*16=$2,240.
Maintenance + Accessories:
Two Tire Rotations: $40
Wheel Alignment: $110
In-Cabin Micro and Engine Air Filter: $19
Brake Fluid Change: $85
All Season Mats: $80
Repair Two Scuffed Rims: $200
Windshield Wiper Inserts: $10
Synthetic Oil Upgrade: $20
Total: $564

Total Payments since March 2016:
Car Payments: $8,709
Insurance Payments: $2,105 (through December)
Gasoline: $2,240 (estimated and premium only)
Maintenance: $544
Total Cost: $13,618

Cars aren’t cheap. However if you’re someone like me who really enjoys driving them, they’re worth it. Plus it’s a Maxima not a Lexus, BMW, GT-R, Mercedes, or any supercar…. I did get a loaner Altima SR, the sportier 4cylinder model and absolutely *hated* it. Felt cheap, the screen for the radio was tiny, the steering had no feel. At least it looks sporty and is good on gas.

Nissan Altima SR loaner – “Sporty”

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