Credit Card Check – $4473.47

Checking again with regard to credit card debt. Got a bonus this month and have really made progress since the $6,359 of my birthday month. -$1886 and leveling out at $4473.47. This is less than *50%* what I owed earlier during the year.


Car Loan: $22,642.34
iPhone 7+ AT&T Loan: $521.99
Credit Card: $4473.47
Total Debt: $27,637.80

Retirement: 401k – $29,713.06
Roth IRA: $1,088
Total Retirement: $30,801

I expect my expenses to be lower in October vs September. :::knocks on wood:::
Keep up the good fight. Channel your inner Alpha! 😉

Credit Card Check-in – $6,359.28

So I’m quickly rewriting this shortly before I am on my way to work. My current total credit card debt is $6,359. August was a really good/bad month consisting of me buying new clothes having birthday celebrations, going out to brunch with friends, getting my car repaired, going out to dinner, paying for my Amazon prime subscription renewal, as well as other miscellaneous things.


401k: $28429
Roth IRA: $1,028
Total retirement is $29,457

The above number is actually about 12% above where I was at the end of April 2017. I’m contributing a total of about $2200 per month toward credit card debt, which to me is still a very large sum of money. The worst-case scenario is I will stop my retirement contributions at least as the notion of paying credit card interest comes closer to reality.

As my overall debt has decreased, my FICO score has increased as illustrated by then chart below. My low point for the 2017 was 765 and today I’m at a 779, trending upward. 🙂


Sometimes life sucks but you have to pick yourself up dust yourself off and get back to work. That’s exactly what I’m about to do now alongside my intermittent fasting. I’m not going to be bitter about my original blog post not saving on the WordPress platform.

2016 Nissan Maxima – How much has it cost me?

So I’ve owned the 2016 Maxima for about 17 months now. This last week I switched from a synthetic blend 5W30 oil to Mobil1 Full Synthetic. The cost was $20 since I prepaid for the synthetic-blend oil changes already. The car was scheduled for a brake fluid change which was about $109. I also got the tires rotated. Total cost? $134.50 including a $25 off coupon I printed out from an e-mail.

Let’s move onto the loan itself.month16nissanmaximapayments.png
I hate paying interest for anything but $720 in 16 months really isn’t that bad.

Let’s not forget insurance….


and gasoline works out to about $35/wk for premium fuel. $35*4*16=$2,240.
Maintenance + Accessories:
Two Tire Rotations: $40
Wheel Alignment: $110
In-Cabin Micro and Engine Air Filter: $19
Brake Fluid Change: $85
All Season Mats: $80
Repair Two Scuffed Rims: $200
Windshield Wiper Inserts: $10
Synthetic Oil Upgrade: $20
Total: $564

Total Payments since March 2016:
Car Payments: $8,709
Insurance Payments: $2,105 (through December)
Gasoline: $2,240 (estimated and premium only)
Maintenance: $544
Total Cost: $13,618

Cars aren’t cheap. However if you’re someone like me who really enjoys driving them, they’re worth it. Plus it’s a Maxima not a Lexus, BMW, GT-R, Mercedes, or any supercar…. I did get a loaner Altima SR, the sportier 4cylinder model and absolutely *hated* it. Felt cheap, the screen for the radio was tiny, the steering had no feel. At least it looks sporty and is good on gas.

Nissan Altima SR loaner – “Sporty”