Credit Card Update – $6,659

It’s August 1st. I’m going to be 34 in a week.

Current Credit Card Balance: $6,659. Made considerable progress, almost $1k below where I was last month. Won’t get too far into expenses, but life isn’t always cheap. Still unsure about whether I will get a bonus, but that would help speed things up quite a bit.

401k: $28k
Roth IRA: $971. Start contributed to it again, not a ton of money but still something.
Car: Current balance is $23,654.50.

I’m really just tired of owing anyone money.
It’s kinda funny, in 2001 I had an 8 year old car that was paid off and I drove for 4 more years. Income was a fraction of what is it today, but life was simpler then. Biggest debt was student loans, but even those were so small. I had hiccups along the way and maybe a few lapses in judgement, but I did do some things right.

Speaking of lapses in judgement, my friend with the $900 car lease and $2400k/mo rent is teetering close to disaster. Banked on some things happening related to his job that never did. Now his rent is due and he has no idea how he will pay it.

4 thoughts on “Credit Card Update – $6,659

    • He earns a good salary (low 6 figs), just so irresponsible with his money. If he lived a less luxurious lifestyle I think his debts would have been paid off by now. Instead he is scrambling around to get money to pay rent. I don’t want anything bad to happen but sometimes I want to say what the _ are you doing and slap him into having some sense.

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