Credit Card Update – $7,646.51


End of June 2017 update – More progress on the credit card front since all my hospital bills came in. I was $9,886.19, now $7,646.51. That’s -$2,239.68 in 4 months. Including the trip to Mexico, 6 month car insurance premium, dog vet visit, dental work and other things. My big a-ha,  It can be quite the challenge to be sociable and not spend money. Really alcohol is the biggest expense. When folks want to do a pricey brunch and several rounds of drinks come through. I ended up spending $51.30 at Mercat Bistro in Dallas last month, then $17.74 at Barcadia and $36.29 at Omi Korean Grill. $105.33 in a weekend when I usually can get by on half that.  Would I go back? Heck yeah, but only when I’ve paid more of these bills down.

So the market has been going up. Mentally I’m getting ready for a crash to come.  Still investing since I get the match and the power of compounding can’t be denied. 401k is about $26,798 and my Roth IRA is $927… $27,725 combined.

Also did a first for myself, I cut my own hair. Going to see if anyone else notices aside from me. I spend about $20/mo getting it cut. So that’s $240/yr. Not sure I will have the patience to do it every month though. Definitely not posting a picture… We’ll see if my technique can improve to get me to Greatclips / Sportclips status. #squadgoals

I made the decision to not take off work tomorrow 7/3 so will be going to bed now. Hopefully I get out of the office early and can get ready for the 4th.

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