Another car bites the dust

So the 2014 Nissan Altima I used to own is now totalled. This was a car I drove for about a year before selling it for the better handling, more powerful, more expensive and less common 2016 Maxima. The 2003 Maxima I once owned suffered a similar fate.

I had fond memories of this car, even though I thought it was a bit cheap feeling.


Coincidentally, my ex got in a car accident last week. His car is 99% likely to be totaled. Someone in a Lexus SUV that also may be under the influence hit his Mini Cooper even as the tried to switch lanes and slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision. The SUV then proceeded to flip over. He is fine has some knuckle pain when the air bag deployed. His husband got a banged up leg but no serious injuries.

What’s up with me? Well I only ate out once for dinner in the last week. Have been taking my food with me to lunch too. Dropped about 15 pounds and counting calories daily with the My Fitness Pal app, eating better, and exercising. Not always easy trying to get ample sleep and avoid stress eating. Baby steps…

Still single, it gets me down sometimes. I chat but so far not many dates since the last one I had a few weeks ago. On a dinner date, about the 4th time we hung out he told me he was married to a guy for some paperwork related reasons and a woman before that for similar reasons. His mom also lives with him. She has health problems. Seemed like a lot of baggage in a very short period…. There wasn’t a date or even a text between us afterward. Maybe I’m too picky.

Credit Card Update – $7,646.51


End of June 2017 update – More progress on the credit card front since all my hospital bills came in. I was $9,886.19, now $7,646.51. That’s -$2,239.68 in 4 months. Including the trip to Mexico, 6 month car insurance premium, dog vet visit, dental work and other things. My big a-ha,  It can be quite the challenge to be sociable and not spend money. Really alcohol is the biggest expense. When folks want to do a pricey brunch and several rounds of drinks come through. I ended up spending $51.30 at Mercat Bistro in Dallas last month, then $17.74 at Barcadia and $36.29 at Omi Korean Grill. $105.33 in a weekend when I usually can get by on half that.  Would I go back? Heck yeah, but only when I’ve paid more of these bills down.

So the market has been going up. Mentally I’m getting ready for a crash to come.  Still investing since I get the match and the power of compounding can’t be denied. 401k is about $26,798 and my Roth IRA is $927… $27,725 combined.

Also did a first for myself, I cut my own hair. Going to see if anyone else notices aside from me. I spend about $20/mo getting it cut. So that’s $240/yr. Not sure I will have the patience to do it every month though. Definitely not posting a picture… We’ll see if my technique can improve to get me to Greatclips / Sportclips status. #squadgoals

I made the decision to not take off work tomorrow 7/3 so will be going to bed now. Hopefully I get out of the office early and can get ready for the 4th.