April 2017 – Credit Card Update $8,595.70


Updated the table again with April actual numbers. I came up short by about $309. $110 of that was my car alignment. $107 was my fitness watch. $40 were tolls. I almost never take the tollway but was running late to work / social gatherings a few times. It’s not the end of the world though.

Frontier finally sent me a credit for the service I cancelled in December. It was $75.74. Some might use that for a nice dinner out, but for me that money went toward my AT&T Wireless bill for the month.

May will be a better month, but the important piece is I’m tracking everything. I was over $10k in February and have been chipping away.

It’s been a while since I spoke about retirement. So here we go…
401k: $25,279.79
Roth IRA: $907.15
Total Retirement: $26,186.94

Car Loan @ 1.9%: $25,174.07
Credit Card: $8,595.70
iPhone 7 Plus Installments: $666.99 / $869.99
Total Debt: $34,436.76

I think $2k/mo is the most I feel comfortable paying on credit cards without being stressed out about having anything leftover. Thankfully this is short term and not forever. I don’t know 401k + Roth combined.

Also am getting the urge to travel more on the cheap. After Mexico and one NY trip that may be it for 2017. Starting 2018 I’d like to make that 4 times a year. We’ll see.

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