Gratitude – Random thoughts

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, something I frequently  remind myself of is to have gratitude. Even when things may not be perfect *yet* there still is a whole lot to be thankful for. Why do I have gratitude today?

  1. Officially getting a promotion in the next 2 weeks. Fancier title and more money are both pretty big wins in my book.
  2. So I bought a new car a year ago. My payments total $32,460. My payoff as of today 4/22/17 is $25,164.91. That means 19% done. With my compensation increases, I’m essentially basically covering the entire car payment. If I get bonuses that will go above and beyond. I remember years ago struggling just to pay a $349/mo payment and almost 6% interest on top of that.
  3. Along with point #2 I am comparing my pay when I was in New York vs where I am today. My net is over 250 higher%. That’s not including a 401k match or what I contribute. Leaving the banking industry was probably the best thing I ever could have done for my career.
  4. I’m making progress. Instead of 1600/mo toward credit cards I think I can pull $2k/mo. It’s a short term thing fortunately.
  5. Friends – Glad to have people around who are supporting my efforts to grow and become healthier.
  6. Health – My dad was on dialysis at my age and had other health issues which severely limited his options to do much. I am fortunate enough not to deal with any of that. I’m overweight (working on that), have minor stuff like asthma but that’s it. One of my aunts has emphysema, requiring the use of an oxygen tank. My grandmother also struggled for years with the same thing. It’s so easy to take good health for granted, but I try not to.

The last point is… on life – Each day is an opportunity to see more of the world, meet great people and grow as an individual. Hopefully meet a special guy someday. Overall I feel happy and relatively free to go where I want and spend time with who I want. I count my blessings everyday in a world where bad things happen to good people everyday. To be miserable and angry all the time is a horrible way to live. No one truly knows what the future holds, but I will try my best to make it a great one.


One thought on “Gratitude – Random thoughts

  1. People always think I’m being morbid when I say, “you never know, tomorrow, you could walk across the street and get hit by a bus.” That’s why i choose to live life for today as much as i can, and why I left a job that no longer left me feeling fulfilled to do something that pays a lot less but is something I generally like doing, and I get to see adorable dogs and cats and bunnies every day. You can’t buy happiness.

    CONGRATS on the promotion and the raise!! Do you know you put toward your credit card every month more than I gross per month??!!

    I’ve definitely seen the change in tone on your blog over time. You seem so so so much happier now than you did when I first started reading. I think being single has helped you learn more about yourself (as I know it has done for me.) And I’m so glad to hear you are putting an emphasis on being healthy in your life. It’s one of the few things you can control. And working out is a great stress reliever!

    So happy to read this post of yours. Congratulations, on so many things!

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