Deja Vu

This all is starting to feel like Deja Vu and not in a good way. Let’s give you an update.

  1. Switched my upcoming 401k contributions from a Roth back to the traditional. Still want to get the match but cut back my immediate tax liability to apply money toward debt.
  2. Booked my trip to Mexico. Total round trip is $189.95. I got a credit from my New York trip cancellation back in November.
  3. Booked a room for said Mexico trip in Puerto Vallarta through Expedia. It was $691.18, less taxes it’s $586.47 and getting 10% of that back through EBates. I also get 1% back from the credit card I used. Supposed to be splitting it with a friend. My estimated cost is 346-5.86-6.91 or $333.23 for three nights.
  4. Got $162 back from credit card company for a defective Fitbit Charge HR. The only catch is I had to buy a replacement item after I filed the claim. The new watch I got was $269. I can still sell the one I bought a few months ago I estimate for between $80 and $120. Or I could give to my mom who is trying to exercise more and stay healthier.
  5. Went to a ranch/cabin early this month with friends. My contribution was $100 and I had to buy gas to get there and back. Went through about a full tank. I also gambled at Winstar and spent a whopping $11. I didn’t want to spend the $5 fee at the ATM especially if I was going to lose the money anyway.


  6. Replaced the air filter and in-cabin microfilter in my car. The parts were $27.37. Both filters took less than 30 minutes to replace. A friend went to the same dealer to have them do it and paid almost $200 with labor included. Screw that, you don’t even need tools!


  7. Requested a disbursement of funds from my HSA to my checking account. Since I put it on my card I might as well use it to pay off the credit cards sooner. $200.
  8. Car payments are almost 20% done. Currently owe about $25,200. I do want to speed it up at some point but now I’m all tapped out.

Kinda had one of those aha moments. How much no car payment would mean to my amount of free cashflow. That and no credit card payment would be over a 50% raise considering how aggressive I am. 50 friggen percent! Fuggetaboutit. Stay hungry, stay foolish and enjoy life.

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