I could pay it off this week

I just reached an epiphany that I could pay off my student loan on *Friday*. A few caveats…

  1. I would be paying less than last month’s full balance on my credit card. My credit card balance is also about $2600. In order to satisfy last month’s statement I need to pay an additional $900 with the $700 I already paid on 9/15. Partially due to a New York trip I booked (~450), vet visit ($170) for my dog combined with getting wedding gifts for two friends who got married recently, going away / birthday gift for a friend who moved to Seattle… and other expenses. APR on the card is 12.24%
  2. I would deplete my emergency fund to or close to $0. I still have about 100 hours of vacation time if I were to hypothetically get laid off tomorrow.

I also would have 50% more free cash to apply to my credit card than normally is the case. I upgraded to the iPhone 7 and am getting $192 soon for my 6. That money can go right to the student loan or current credit debt too.

The big question is…. After 15 years of having a student loan should I just go ahead and do this??? I could wait another month….

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