Take that Student loan! Getting closer to the finish line. No congratulations until It’s really gone.  Paid more than I have in my entire life this month.

A bunch of coworkers or friends are doing vacations but I’m staying the course. They didn’t have this weight on them for 15 years.

$3,464 is a wonderful number though.


One thought on “Boom

  1. When I was back in Boston, at one point, I was making gigantic payments like you too and remember how good it felt to see that balance coming down, down, down, and thinking “die, student loan, die!!” (In fact, I might have written a blog post with a similarly named title.) Keep it up, and keep up that motivation. It will be down to zero in no time. I’d like to say congrats, but your post says not to, so I won’t. 🙂 But i’m cheering for you. Keep it up!

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