Month 50 -Navient $7,499, NMAC – $30,691, Retirement – $16,149

Month 50 – This is an interesting month. My Roth IRA transfer is still in progress. I have however made some really good progress getting the student loan down otherwise. Currently the balance is down 41% from the $12,845 balance in January.

Navient: 7,499
NMAC – $30,691
Credit Card: $700
Total Debt: $38,890

401k: $16,149
Roth IRA: $25 (rebuilding this back up slowly for now)

As I mentioned in the Nuclear Option post, I’m shifting some gears to get this debt paid off faster. Don’t have too many other tricks up my sleeve near term other than to keep chipping away. It’s almost 1:30am so time to get some sleep.

One thought on “Month 50 -Navient $7,499, NMAC – $30,691, Retirement – $16,149

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