The Nuclear Option

I mulled this over for a week and decided to pull the trigger. I pulled money from my retirement account for the student loan. Mathematically it may not make the most sense, but…

$3452.04 is in one Roth IRA act at Betterment. It has basically been flat for a year (down slightly under 1%). $585 is in another Roth IRA acct. It was invested in a single company, that company’s stock is down slightly vs when I originally purchased. Trading fees and my strategy to purchasing were not very intelligent. I sold 6 shares and originally bought them in a series of 3 2 share purchases…

That leaves about $4k left to go toward the student loans once I process payments with no tax implications.

My current student loan balance as of 6/3/16 is $7,948. $4k of that is 50%. That lowers my balance to $3,948 and allows me to still get the loan paid off this year.

Why? I’ve had these loans since 2001. Almost 15 years ago. So much debt fatigue… 7 jobs, 2 states, a 10 year high school reunionI didn’t go to and god knows how many dates…

But what about your retirement? I still plan to contribute 6% of my gross to my 401k at work, company matches 3% and I get 2% back annually. So that’s effectively 11%

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