Car Plans – 150k or bust

I’ve decided to keep my Maxima to 150k miles possibly more. How many do I have now? About 3k. I put on average 15k/year so that’s 10 years. The 2003 I had made it to 196k before the last owner killed the engine. There is a guy on one of the car forums with an 09 that has over 300k miles.

150k is the sweet spot for a couple reasons.

  1. It’s not high enough to the point that no one would consider buying it.
  2. It’s two cars. Basically on my normal historic schedule that’s two cars. That means less total cost than trading and getting another one.
  3. Still somewhat reliable with routine maintenance.
  4. I can’t picture driving the same car over 10 years.
  5. It makes dealing with depreciation mcouch more palatable.

It’s interesting to see YouTube celebrities talk about their (used) Lamborghini Gallardo or Dodge Charger Hellcat, err I mean Corvette z06. Those cars are 2.5-3x more expensive than mine. Not a hater but it’s a big mindset shift. For some the views they get cover the car note each month. Really makes me want to grab a GoPro or other camera secondhan, learn the ropes and start recording. The ideas are a brewing.

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