Month 46 – Navient $11,124, NMAC $11,734, 401k $11,014, Roth $3,314

Student Loan Progress Month 46 – Navient $11,124

Car Loan Progress:


401k update:

401k balance update Feb 15, 2016


Brokerage Roth IRA:

Brokerage account. my apple stock is down whoa. Glad I’m diversified.

Got my tax refund back. It was a good chunk of cash. Split the money up about 50% between two debts, my student loan and credit card payment that has been lingering. Credit card should be paid off again come my next paycheck. Between last month and this month I’ve paid about $1721 down on my balance.

I officially owe *less* on my student loan than my car. It’s a good feeling. Now I’m basically starting a race. Race to the finish line. Can I pay off the student loan before 12/31/2016? I think so, god willing. I could stop my 401k contributions and def hit the mark but not giving up my match.

Betterment charges a higher fee if I don’t deposit a min of $100/mo to my Roth so just doing the minimum for now. Not pulling out of the market in a panic, not going 100% into bonds. I do think it will get worse before it gets better. I am optimistic it will bounce back though. Quantitative Easing on student loan debts is a topic that has come up in political debates. I’m against bailouts and for people accepting the consequences of their own actions.


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