One More Podcast

I listen to a bunch of podcasts on money depending on my mood. Or not at all.

One I didn’t include here is Scott Alan Turner’s – Financial Rock Star – No not because he also live in Dallas, but because he’s very straightforward, informational and entertaining. 🙂 The interview posted today Episode 42 –  Broke, Busted, and Disgusted – The Student Loan Crisis with Adam Carroll was very much relatable. I also liked 41- How the Rich Get Richer and The Broke Stay Broke and 21 – 27: The Deadily Sins of Financial Freedom. Each episode is short enough for me to listen to a few back to back while I clean my house or go for a walk.

I emailed Scott about a month ago and he was kind enough to reply. I know I produce content here on my blog but it still amazes me that others care and reply to me individually. Podcasts help me realize I’m not writing or merely talking to myself… 🙂

What are your favorite go-tos on the subject of money for that added motivation?

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