Month 45 Update Navient -$12,845.07, NMAC – $11733.55, 401k -10635.70, Roth IRA – $3,308

Month 45 – Making Progress

Skipped last month and spent a ton of money on things. Some I needed, some maybe were more luxury in nature.

Credit card balance has been blowing up. I sold my bike earlier this month for $260 and put all of that toward it. Still almost $2k

Navient is down to $12,845. Haven’t been able to pay as much I want to on account of the CC but I have been setting aside $250/wk for either bill.

NMAC – Finally under $12k on my car $11,733.55 to be exact. I hate having a car note. I look at cars to buy daily on the used market. The deals suck though. Between financing, maintenance, the fear of buying someone else’s headache or dishonest dealersI don’t think it’s worth it. Only to save $5k or so and in some cases add 100k miles. It’s almost encouraging me not to sell / trade in. This thing can make it to 120k easy.

401k – Switched over future contributions to a Roth 401k. I still have decades left until retirement and don’t want to pay taxes on any appreciation. Taken a bit of a nosedive with the market the way it is, but I’m diversified and look long-term.

Roth – Contributions still on hold and still dropping. Numbers will go up so I’m only mildly concerned.

I semi completed my tax paperwork. Looks like I’ll be getting a refund of close to $2k. Waiting on some HSA files to come in the mail. May be able to get the student loan to $10k by March?

I have been feeling out of balance spiritually and emotionally. Maybe that’s the result of 4 days straight without having a meal with someone (dog doesn’t count) and being single / frustrated. I haven’t set foot in a place of worship other than to attend the wedding of someone who didn’t like me at all. I’ll have one good day where I see people and the rest will be crappy. I’ve faced worse challenges in life but the friends things seems to linger year after year since moving to Dallas in 2011. Kinda feel stuck… Made some plans this week / next week so it will get better soon at least.