Month 40 Update – Navient $15,402.70, NMAC = $13,409, $401k – $9,516, Roth IRA – $2,956

40 Months – Jeez has it really been that long? Sheesh. At least my hair isn’t turning gray yet. 😛

Currently owe $15,402.70 to Navient @4.25%.
Been allocating more money in the emergency fund. $600 there.
Credit card balance is ~$1900. Plan to have it paid off by the time the next bill is due.
401k balance is at $9516.
Owe $13,409 to NMAC at 0%.

This is a period where I have to just stick to my plan. Have had a few temptations but succumbing to them will not end up well for me. Been some big changes at my job but I did get a raise. Double the percentage I got last year so that’s a good thing.

Got my next to last check from the townhouse refinance. $1k left to go. This one is going straight into my emergency fund. My ex just bought a new house for close to $275k. I’m not jealous, he can certainly afford it on his income w/ a 30 year note. The townhouse we lived in together is in the process of being sold. Sad in a way, but this is also the start of a new chapter for him. Mostly good memories in the house. He wasn’t interested in the huge amount of repair work for a house that isn’t his dream home. I can’t blame him though, $15k+ in work needed between the driveway, cracks in the wall, possible foundation work, plumbing, air conditioner out. Better to get rid of it now than live in a house you’re lukewarm about with all that work is going on.

Still thinking about when / if I will buy a home again. At 150k, 20% down would be $30k. Plus I’d want to have 6-12 months of expenses set aside. If I do it the right way it looks like that’s still 4 years away. Maybe my numbers are off. Will save that for another post… 😛

I’m sleepy so short post this time around.

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