Month 38 Update – Navient $16691.37, NMAC – $13,968.51, 401k- $8718, Roth IRA – $2571.89

Navient Month 38
Navient Month 38 – $16,691.37

NMAC – Payoff Quote
Payoff Amount: $13,968.51
Good Through: 06/18/15
Navient: $16,691.37
Total Debt: $30,659.88

401k – $8,718
Betterment Roth IRA – $1,854.52
TDAmeritrade Roth IRA – $717.37
Total Retirement: $11,289.89

Currently have a balance on my credit cards of about $1000. Depleted my emergency fund to get them to $0 last month, then my car insurance and some other bills hit. I also bought a new external computer display for about $450 which I had been wanting for some time. Have a vacation staycation coming up next week. Definitely looking forward to it. I only took one vacation day so far this year…

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