Gay date gone wrong

So I went on a date last week. An expensive one. I met him through okcupid. It didn’t go so well.

  1. The guy didn’t look that much like his picture. Some skin issues that kind of repulsed me. If I saw a clear face pic I would’ve been able to make that call before meeting. Also weight – I’ve seen someone his height and weight and they looked kind of hot. For him, I kind of got the impression he just let his body go. No full body pics on the site. Now I know the reason why.
  2. Bad breath. Usually people like to brush their teeth before a date. His breath was figuratively kicking.
  3. Self-deprecating. Yes it was humorous but have a little self esteem on a first date.
  4. On my way to the car, I bird pooped on my hand and they totally bombed the side of my car.
  5. The big one though… The bill… I usually don’t spend that much on restaurants in a week. I had two drinks, he picked the most expensive appetizer on the menu and had two drinks also. Toward the end of our exchange, the server came out and said do you want it together or separate. Before I could utter a word he said together. At this point I was thinking to myself why… I probably won’t want to hang out with you again and don’t want you to expect anything.

When the check came out I paid for the whole thing. $98 with the tip. I was a little tipsy. Unless my date is from a sugar daddy site I think it’s reasonable to split it. He didn’t. He made the assumption I should pay. I was down for the rest evening because I felt a bit used and my dating life has been crappy since getting out of my relationship.

I wonder what would Ramit Sethi say. I’d venture a guess, something about Indian culture and it being cheaper to learn this lesson now rather than later. I at least gave the dude the benefit of the doubt.

3 thoughts on “Gay date gone wrong

  1. Wow. Just wow. That is so completely obnoxious and I’m not sure which grosses me out the most – the bad breath (good lord) or the fact that he expected you to pay. WTF? I can honestly tell you that as a girl, when I go out on dates and I offer to pay my way, I really mean it. It’s not a test to see whether the guy will pay or not – I just like to not have to owe anyone anything, especially if it doesn’t work out, you know? Oh, I am so sorry it turned out so badly. God, that must have been like torture for the entire time.

    • That bad experience is still fresh in my mind. Recently met a guy recently with potential. Gone a few dates already. He’s 39. Not going to jinx myself though. 🙂

    • Also what I didn’t mention is that he kept checking out my profile on the dating apps / sites. I can see who visits and he didn’t even make an attempt at hiding it. Kind of at a point where the creep factor was too high.

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