Month 37 Update – Navient $18,183.81, NMAC – $14,247.88 401k – $8408.85, Roth IRA – $2478.02

Navient Month 37 Update
Navient Month 37 Update
Betterment Update - May 11, 2015.
Betterment Roth IRA Update – May 11, 2015.
401k Status - May 11, 2015
401k Status – May 11, 2015

For my car:

Payoff Quote

Payoff Amount: $14,247.88 

Good Through: 05/18/15

TDAmeritrade – Roth IRA – 697.02

One of my friends makes over $100k annually and has a net worth above $500k. I found out this through one of the dating sites we’re both on. He seems like a work-a-holic and is always traveling. His hair is basically white and he seems to have a very high amount of stress from his job. Also about 10 years older than I am. My salary is close to half of what his is. So I started thinking. Is it possible I could have a net worth of $250k in a decade? The short answer is yes, but I may need to cut back my spending, start earning more and get gazelle intense with savings.

3 thoughts on “Month 37 Update – Navient $18,183.81, NMAC – $14,247.88 401k – $8408.85, Roth IRA – $2478.02

  1. Just be careful to not compare yourself to him too much. I mean, does he even seem happy? I believe you’re younger than me, so he’s probably my age and believe me to have all white hair at my age is NOT a good thing. You may not have as much as him but if you’re happy, then that’s all that matters.

  2. You’re both absolutely correct with staying on my path. Comparing myself to others is just a recipe for frustration. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy enough to the point where comparing doesn’t enter the picture is often as it used to.

    My friend hasn’t been happy until recently where he started dating someone 20 years younger, LOL. I’m not one to judge though, I recently went on a few dates with someone who is 19 years older than me but very well established. It seems to have quickly fizzled out though, such is the life of a gay man…

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