So would you like 47 cents on the dollar?

A debt acquisition company sent me a letter in the mail last week. Basically I am entitled to over $2200 as part of the WARN Act settlement from the Purchasing Specialist position I held at the glass company before they files for Ch. 11. The question right now is basically when will I get my money. It could me 1 month or 12 months. No one is really sure.

I get this fancy letter talking bout how if I forfeit my rights they will mail me a check for about $1100 over the next 5 business days. It was tempting for a moment but I’ve already waited about 3 years for this to happen and who wants to lose 50% right off the bat just for being impatient. I certainly don’t, it’s giving away free money essentially.

I wonder how many desperate people fall for it, they just want the cash now. Who cares about the actual math… The fact they are willing to buy it also makes me think it will be sooner vs later. We shall see…

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