Month 33 Update – Navient $25,137.39, NMAC – 15,365.36 Total: 40,502.75


Did three dumb things recently.

1. Scraped the rims on my car. The two front ones. Ordered a replacement on eBay for 209 (delivered) and on my way to pick it up I scraped one on the opposite side. Local place estimated $90-130 per rim to replace. So $418 on rims, then need to pay probably 50 or so each to install them. I hope to get around $300 total to recoup my expenditure. It bothers me that I have a car just about 6 months old and the rims all look janky. Maybe women feel like this about shoes and a new dress.

2. Double paid credit card balance. Somehow I made an extra $443 payment instead of the actual $99 balance I had. So in order to get my refund they have to mail me a check. Even though my payments are processed electronically. My fault but the site shouldn’t calculate a different balance when you have a pending payment.

3. Doctor visit. About $170 between the visit itself that I did at a local walk-in clinic and my prescription. Something I could’ve prevented had I known but doing much better now. Health matters can be super scary sometimes. You live and learn.

Did two not so dumb things recently.
1. Bought a warranty on my car. 96 months / 120k miles Nissan Gold Preferred Warranty. $1750, 10% is up front and the remainder split into 18 payments. Just need to get an inspection done and send the paperwork over. My parents have cars a few years old and didn’t have a warranty. Ended up having to cough up a good chunk of cash to get them fixed. I plan to avoid that and the warranty also encourages me to keep the car until it’s up. In this case about 7 1/2 years from now.

2. Paid my credit card down to 0. Dipped temporarily into emergency fund to do this. I was not happy carrying that much consumer debt into the new year. I didn’t buy anyone gifts, just focused on paying my bills off. The balance was $1156.

3. Eating in more. I like this one aspect of apartment living on my own. I spend 60-80 in groceries each week and the food basically lasts me most of a week. I get breakfast, lunch and dinner on that budget. When I go out for dates I tend to spend more.

Met a guy who I thought was pretty cool right before Christmas, then New Years Day he said he just wanted to be friends. He was kind enough to pay for both of us. Was kind of heart broken but talking to new people now. Better to find out early than let it linger for months and months. Life is a game of trial and error really though. Have a couple of good candidates and may meet new friends in the process too so I’m happy about that.

For work at least I started writing my daily goals down as soon as I get in. Each day even if half of them are carried over from the day before I start with a clean slate. I feel better about how things go as a result. Need to start doing this with my personal life too. As soon as I sit down and start letting technology take over my productivity goes from incredible to zilch. It’s about balance though like anything else.

February is going to be the month that I get back to the original plan. By then all my furniture will be paid for and hopefully no other major bills coming in other than my dog’s annual vet bill. I feel like so many things just kept coming up that were not typical. Big $183 electricity bill from townhouse, final $144 Verizon payment, $804 initial payment for moving in and then the $773 payment for the first full month, around $650 for Home Depot, paying the Allstate bill I put on my credit card in November. Between my loan interest, clothing donations and a new car purchase I should be getting a decent-sized tax refund toward the end of the month. It will go all toward Navient. I really want the loan down in the low 20s by Spring.

Despite weather in the 20°s I still have been going to the gym. Kicking and screaming but going. Want to maintain at least even if I’m not losing any weight.

4 thoughts on “Month 33 Update – Navient $25,137.39, NMAC – 15,365.36 Total: 40,502.75

  1. Congrats on being consistent with the gym. That’s going to help you in so many ways! And congrats on paying off that credit card. My suggestion – unless it’s the only one you have, I would say to now cut it up! About the rims…is it absolutely necessary to fix them? Maybe it’s because I’m a girl but that wouldn’t bother me too much if I had the other priorities you have right now with trying to pay off debt, save for retirement, etc.

    I guess I used to care more about how things look but over the past few years, as I have paid off debt or accrued real savings for the first time in my life, I care very little about it.

    By the way, I have heard that you shouldn’t go with the extended warranty on the car – that you never end up getting the value back. Have you heard that too?

    • I decided not to get the warranty after all. Car has 7k miles and Nissan wants an inspection done. Forgot the exact paper that needed to be filled out and local dealer didn’t have anything on file similar. Then I’d have to wait 3.5 hours for the inspection to happen.
      $1750 = 6 months of car payments
      55 full tanks of gas
      7% of current student loan balance

      I also never used it once on my 2008. I’ll use that money for routine maintenance. 🙂 Also thanks for your comments as always.

      • When I first saw your comment come into my inbox, I was like “yes!!” (You know, with a fist raised in the air, lol.) I think you made the right choice on not springing for the warranty. Especially when you look at how much of a percentage it is of your student loan balance – that really brings it home, doesn’t it?

        Yep, keep the money for yourself, “in case” it happens, rather than automatically giving it to the car folks. 🙂

  2. Not necessary to fix them, it’s more a want than anything else. I thought I was only going to get one and justified it. Then I scraped the other one…After this I’m going back to the game plan.

    I’ve heard mixed things on extended warranties. On my 2008 model I didn’t have to use it at all in the 6 1/2 years I owned the car. There was a recall that resulted in my car’s exhaust system being replaced. The CVT transmission warranty on the 08 was extended to 10yr/120k miles. I did a lot of mods to the last car that I never will do to the current one because of how much they cost. All money I didn’t end up getting back in the trade-in.

    The warranty will cover basically all non-wear items in the car and with a bunch of electronics I don’t want to risk paying anything out of pocket. Fuel systems, dashboard LCD screen, radios, various sensors, cooling system. On my 03 car a wheel bearing assembly went bad and that would’ve been about a $500 repair had I not had a warranty. Engines are pretty solid and power train is covered for 5yr/60k miles. Statistically I think there is over a 50% chance the transmission will go before the warranty is up. Its the 2nd year of production and unlikely the kinks have fully been worked out yet.

    It is ~$1750. If I blow a speaker it’s covered. If my stereo system decides to self destruct it’s covered. Heated seats, power windows, brake master cylinder, blower motor for climate system covered, etc.
    Looks like models from all the major makes have some major issues. Warranty is really for piece of mind. Even premium models like BMW have major issues with people being quoted $8k for a new transmission and manufacturer not standing behind their product. I have a friend with a Hyundai he bought a year ago and it’s been in the shop several times because it keeps throwing a check engine code. The dealer doesn’t know how to fix it.

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