Month 31 Update – Sallie Mae $26,218.23 -NMAC – $15,924.10 Total: 42,142.33

Month 31, had a lot of recent expenses lately.


$150 Electricity Deposit
$489.69 Р6 Months Uninsured Motorist Coverage (includes uninsured motorist coverage and a $1k deductible)
116 – Renters Insurance ($100k coverage)
$650 Р Cost of Washer & Dryer

Total : $1406 of unexpected expenses, basically my whole next paycheck is accounted for. Getting another $1000 advance from refinance of the house soon. That will basically solidify everything I need for the move.

month31updateReally looking forward to the idea of being on my own, almost a month away from now . Having a cold snap in Texas now, temps in the 30s. I was just getting used to having a cheap electricity bill too.