New Beginnings – Apartment Lease and Relationships…

Reached irreconcilable differences with my now ex-partner. Planning to either sell the house or refinance and take my name off. Will split the accrued equity.

This almost happened about 3 times before, choosing not to air my dirty laundry on here. Long story short I think we will be happier being with other people.

Signed the lease on my very first apartment today. Monday I should have final approval.

My payment are as follows:

804.19 – Due 12/15 –  Pro-rated first month’s rent. 300 of that was pet deposit (150 refundable), 100 security deposit and 55 application fee.
823 – Due 1/1

Then basically 823 after that.. 763 rent plus 50 for washer / dryer and 10 pet rent.
Considering my take home pay of $3200 a month I certainly think this is doable. Utilities and water should each be close to 50% less than I pay now. No Housing Association dues will free up $100/mo.

I really think renting will be better for me than home ownership. I won’t have to worry about big items to repair such as the cracked driveway, eventual foundation work that will need to be done, cracks in the walls, plumbing work, etc. Nor will I have to pay property taxes to the tune of roughly $2k and annual interest on a 100k+ loan, PMI, etc.  I really feel that once the $7k-8k in money for basic stuff is factored in, for my current needs downsizing from a 3br to a 1br is better financial sense.

Will write more about this but I’m headed to a party now. 😀

Month 30 Update – Sallie Mae – 26,992.29 NMAC – $16,203.47 Total = 43195.76

Month 30, the time flies.

Month 30 Update - Debt Free 32
Month 30 Update – Debt Free 32

Got a couple hundred dollars from my partner that I used toward the student loan and toward an emergency fund.  I used that along with some bonus money to pay down over $1500 toward the loans. Including the $125 payment made a few minutes ago, and car payment I spent 1885.79 toward getting out of debt.

After a lot of deliberation I did make the decision to purchase a road bike and also join a local bike club. The membership was only $25 per year. The road bike after all tax was $531. Shipping was “free”. I originally ordered a model that was $130 cheaper but after my first road bike experience I didn’t want to cheap out and have a bad case of buyer’s remorse. I got the bike last week and rode an astonishingly high amount of 50+ miles in a week. Yesterday I did 20 miles alone.

The first road bike is on Craigslist. A few people haver asked about it, but no one has agreed to meet me in person. I’m asking for $120 with cyclocomputer (paid around 30-40 for that) included. Bike hasn’t been ridden much and I paid about $170 for it. I may just put the computer on my new bike and drop the price to $100. Only thing is the rear brakes need to be adjusted and I think that scares off some people.

My mountain bike is being repaired for free now as part of a repair contract I signed up for when I purchased it. I’m debating whether to keep it for inclement weather & trails or to sell it. Won’t be ready until the end of October though.

Why am I biking more:

  • Travel more distance in less time vs walking
  • Easier on joints with my 220+ weight
  • Quicker recovery time vs walking (no shin pain)
  • Able to keep up with community more (goes back to weight, I can’t keep up with a runner for more than a minute)
  • One of my childhood passions growing up. Used to spend hours on the bike and not want to come back in the house.


Ordered this bike through Bikesdirect after carefully measuring myself. Did not want a repeat of the Amazon bike. I am happy to say the fit is perfect. Had a little issue with assembly though. Stripped where the pedal screws into. Was riding a mile from home and noticed how unusual the pedal felt. I jiggled it and the whole thing fell out. Freaked out about having to by a new crankshaft, only one I saw in black was from the UK for about $65 and would ship in about 2 weeks. Then I considered upgrading to the Shimano 105 but the price on that is over $115 and new pedals. Luckily I had a moment of clarity and went to the local bike shop. Pedal was fixable by screwing a larger part in the whole with recessed threads. Repair and a tune up ran me about $64.

Bike pedal issue:

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

I did aggressively compare the specifications on this model to what was offered by my local bike shop. The ones on this bike are superior and it’s built pretty well for China. Crossing my fingers that my problems with be minimal from now on.IMG_5772