iPhone 6 – Yes I Pre-Ordered One

Flashback to 2012, I purchased the then-new iPhone 5. Why did I upgrade?

  • The device was able to store twice the amount of files as my iPhone 4. 16gb vs 8. Was running into issues not being able to keep enough of my music files on it.
  • Crack-prone. Broke the screen on it twice. Once while taking my bag out of the trunk on the way to work. Again while at a bar, tipsy and a friend slapped it out of my hand.
  • Slow – Moving from single core to dual core. iPhone 5 was and still feels way more responsive than the old phone. It’s rare the the 5 slows down other than when I’m running out of space.
  • Screen size – Bigger is better when trying to fit a lot of information into such a small form factor as a phone. As long as it still is the size of a phone and not an iPad.

What are my reasons for wanting to upgrade this time?

  • Size of screen. A slight bump up would be nice. A friend of mine has a 5.2″ phone and I thought that was too big. How can you sit down with form-hugging dress pants, have that huge bulge in your pocket and act like it isn’t bothersome. Even worse with a case… So no Plus for me.
  • Timing – I have an unlimited grandfathered plan with at&t. The phone I picked out, the 64gb $299 plus a $40 activation fee. My old phone should get close to $180 from Gazelle. I can tolerate an extra $150 for a phone. Buying the phone I want out of pocket from T-Mobile would be $749.91 vs $299 for a 2 year contract. Then the 5gb plan (equiv of my ‘unlimited’) would be $70/mo plus ~20% in fees / taxes. So round that to $84. I pay $87 now. Not a huge amount of savings. $Also 450 over 2 years is an additional $18.75 a month extra.
  • Newness – I use my phone probably over $100 times a day each and every day. I got the battery replaced for free recently as part of a recall program. I would like something more cutting edge and able to use more modern technologies like H.265 encoding / decoding. The Pay system I’m not so jazzed about. Just because it takes out the process of consciously thinking about payment decisions. A beep and cha ching your account is debited. I use this with one of my credit cards and it can be scary. One could argue the phone is actually safer than that. A malicious person couldn’t just beep your phone and have your credit card number.
  • Camera – I take a lot of pictures with my phone. Better image quality is a huge plus. The 5S was already much improved. The 6 offers some nice touches that will make it easier to take great pics and video.

Other than that I didn’t really need a new phone. It’s definitely a want and most of the things I’ve been complaining about are ‘first-world problems’. Think we’re all guilty, I see folks make the biggest deal out of the smallest issue and I just want to tell them to get a grip…

Last but not least the world / internet can be a vile place. I won’t go into detail, but it sickens me how some can profit off violence or exposing people in the worst possible manner. Some things cannot be unseen… A certain level of ignorance does bring about bliss.

One thought on “iPhone 6 – Yes I Pre-Ordered One

  1. We all have our little indulgences…I bought a pink bag yesterday that I needed like a hole in the head (but I did get it from good will so I didn’t feel so bad!) For you, it sounds like tech toys are your indulgences. (No judgment here.) I hope you like it!

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