Debt & Friendships

So one of my friends told me he has $30k in credit card debt. This is the same one who recently financed close to $30k for a new car and has a TCO of almost $1600/mo. He makes a good chunk more than I do annually but wow. Considering the average credit card is about 13% interest, he’s paying close to $4k in interest each year. My friend also tends to spend rather extravagantly compared to my $10-25 dinners out.

I value our friendship, but it makes for an interesting point.

Don’t take money advice from broke people. Especially if they’re going further into debt to impress people they don’t like. Don’t take fitness advice from fat people. They may be good intentioned but the fact that they haven’t been able to make the plan work for them is proof that maybe they aren’t the people to go to for sound advice.

Started cutting back some carbs in my diet yesterday. Eating a whole sweet potato instead of the 1.5-2 servings of oatmeal/cereal I would normally have because it never really filled me up. Understanding more and more that all calories aren’t created equal. And certain foods have way more calories than I would’ve ever imagined. My ‘Wheat Belly’ has really made me start thinking about the impact of what I eat on my body.

Off to go enjoy the outdoors now…

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