Month 25 Update – $31,277

Month 25 Update – $31,277. Really cooking with Crisco now. Can’t wait to be under $31k.



A lot of things have happened since my last posting:

  • Boyfriend’s grandmother passed away. Had to make an emergency flight to New York. Thankfully he accrued enough Frequent Flyer miles on American Airlines to cover the trip with only $5 each out of pocket.
  • Used über for the first time. $92 with a $10 discount, but paid for the convenience. Had no cash on me and used X which is the cheapest version of using the service. The driver was very professional and I missed out on a lot of the traffic associated with going from Laguardia to Nassau County. I wrote off the cost as my flight was ‘free’ and I was on my way to a funeral.
  • Saw my best friend in NY after she has been diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid. I worry about her and saw her at a time she was near her worst with recent weight loss. She is going through tough times between not being able to work, on disability / waiting on insurance to process paperwork and rising medical expenses. Luckily the people she is renting from have been very accommodating. I don’t know about her job though but one can hope. It’s a well-known company on Long Island and I think it’s illegal to fire someone who is temporarily on disability.
  • Saw my mom on mother’s day, Albeit under less than ideal circumstances. She was happy to see me, even if it was only for two days.
  • Visited father and aunt at cemetery. Aunt passed away in 1999 at 41 and father 2004 at 47. 14 1/2 and 10 years respectively. The older you get the faster time goes. He never knew me as a gay man, as a homeowner, as a Texas resident or a man old enough to drink alcohol. A third of my life has gone by since he died and almost half since my grandmother passed away. Hard to really put that into perspective. I feel alone at times but also remember there are people here now in the present who like me and look up to me.
  • Finally got my passport. I waited till the last minute, thank god for the ‘Passport Holiday’ otherwise I’d still be in the doghouse.
  • BF is thinking about getting a Lexus CT200h as his next vehicle. His parents have one and I thought it was a pretty nice mixture of style and fuel economy. If he gets one I would love to drive it (and not have to pay the car note).
  • Starting to feel better. Still have a small cough that comes and goes but the crazy annoying bronchitis hacking is gone. I hope for good.
  • Going to a wedding this week. Got a good deal on a rental through Costco. $61.53 for ~2 days and 7 hours on a ‘Standard Car’ out of Tampa. Also found out I can park at the airport for as little as $9 a day and a free shuttle ride. My flight and our hotel stay have been paid for $667.29. I really think we’re going to have a blast.

Long day today. Debating washing dishes and still have to walk dog so that’s it for now.

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