Boyfriend Getting It?

So let me start out this post by going to the recent past…When we first moved to the DFW area we were in temporary housing for a month. His employer paid for it and we weren’t really sure where we were going to be moving. Ultimately we chose a 3rd floor 2br/2ba apartment in a relatively happening part of town that was about $1300 a month.

About 11 months later we moved into a townhouse (where we are currently), with a 30 year mortgage in a very very quiet community. Most of the neighbors are retired or pretty close to it. The commute is about 10 miles from my job each way which is super reasonable. The mortgage is a 30 year and we put down much less than 20% through FHA program. Monthly mortgage payment is about $1000 which includes PMI and HOAs are 99/mo. Our closing amount was about $142k

A few days ago our realtor contacted us and said our home could sell for around $170k and she has two buyers. The place needs some work and there is usually some negotiation so I figure that number will be closer to 160. My fear is that if we stay here the cost of repairs will start to get high for a place we like but aren’t totally in love with. Still quite an improvement over the course of 2 years. Much to my surprise, bf wants to move own in size to a 2 bedroom slightly more south. The money used from the sale plus equity to date would go toward the 20% down on a different property and we would move from a  30 year to a 15 year mortgage.

A year ago he was looking at homes over $220k with much higher taxes but now looking at $150k and lower. Maybe my watching Suze Orman every week and telling him how much I want to be out of debt is starting to sink in? He also has been traveling a lot lately and doesn’t want to be house poor. Will see how this all pans out. Could be huge or things could fall through at the last minute.

Month 25 Update – $31,277

Month 25 Update – $31,277. Really cooking with Crisco now. Can’t wait to be under $31k.



A lot of things have happened since my last posting:

  • Boyfriend’s grandmother passed away. Had to make an emergency flight to New York. Thankfully he accrued enough Frequent Flyer miles on American Airlines to cover the trip with only $5 each out of pocket.
  • Used über for the first time. $92 with a $10 discount, but paid for the convenience. Had no cash on me and used X which is the cheapest version of using the service. The driver was very professional and I missed out on a lot of the traffic associated with going from Laguardia to Nassau County. I wrote off the cost as my flight was ‘free’ and I was on my way to a funeral.
  • Saw my best friend in NY after she has been diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid. I worry about her and saw her at a time she was near her worst with recent weight loss. She is going through tough times between not being able to work, on disability / waiting on insurance to process paperwork and rising medical expenses. Luckily the people she is renting from have been very accommodating. I don’t know about her job though but one can hope. It’s a well-known company on Long Island and I think it’s illegal to fire someone who is temporarily on disability.
  • Saw my mom on mother’s day, Albeit under less than ideal circumstances. She was happy to see me, even if it was only for two days.
  • Visited father and aunt at cemetery. Aunt passed away in 1999 at 41 and father 2004 at 47. 14 1/2 and 10 years respectively. The older you get the faster time goes. He never knew me as a gay man, as a homeowner, as a Texas resident or a man old enough to drink alcohol. A third of my life has gone by since he died and almost half since my grandmother passed away. Hard to really put that into perspective. I feel alone at times but also remember there are people here now in the present who like me and look up to me.
  • Finally got my passport. I waited till the last minute, thank god for the ‘Passport Holiday’ otherwise I’d still be in the doghouse.
  • BF is thinking about getting a Lexus CT200h as his next vehicle. His parents have one and I thought it was a pretty nice mixture of style and fuel economy. If he gets one I would love to drive it (and not have to pay the car note).
  • Starting to feel better. Still have a small cough that comes and goes but the crazy annoying bronchitis hacking is gone. I hope for good.
  • Going to a wedding this week. Got a good deal on a rental through Costco. $61.53 for ~2 days and 7 hours on a ‘Standard Car’ out of Tampa. Also found out I can park at the airport for as little as $9 a day and a free shuttle ride. My flight and our hotel stay have been paid for $667.29. I really think we’re going to have a blast.

Long day today. Debating washing dishes and still have to walk dog so that’s it for now.