Through Sickness and In Health

Still struggling with some health issues. Acute bronchitis is no joke. I also have sinusitis. On the following meds

  • methylprednisone for bronchitis
  • amoxicillin for sinusitis
  • singulair for asthma / allergies

Spent a few hundred dollars combined this month on doctors visits, tests, medications, humidifier. Have been working from home a few days or leaving work early. The nagging cough is what gets me. Had an ah-ha moment with my boyfriend that I need to start listening to him more. Long story short is he was going to surprise me with something but my lack of action in getting something done (i.e. putting off passport for 6 months) basically put that all in jeopardy. While online at the Federal Building in Dallas I was thumbing through Tony Robbins – Great Steps book that I acquired some years ago. I looked at the part about the pain and pleasure principle. Sure what you’re avoiding now may bring you pleasure, but in the grand scheme of life many of these choices create more pain down the line. 

The food choices, skipping the gym, not saying yes to doing something that could be exciting, everyone’s story is different. When I don’t think and just break through that feeling 9/10 times I’m better off. The tendency toward laziness does not serve me in the end.

So what does this have to do about debt? I was thinking of ways to diffuse the anger toward me and was going to surprise him with a $1800 60″ HD TV and sound bar. Fortunately the model I wanted was out of stock at Amazon. I also didn’t think it would make him happy. Plus the tv I was looking at was about $500 cheaper in January. Why overpay? We also have a total of 3 sets in the house, each one works flawlessly.

This experience of mine gives me gratitude for one. I am thankful to have access to high quality medical care, and insurance where I have to pay a very small percentage for my treatment. The accessibility to medications that will help bring my body back to normal is another. The support system both at my job where people are encouraging me to take actions to feel better (granted they also don’t want to fall ill) is helpful over other companies I worked at where over 3 days of being out it would cut into vacation time. I don’t have pneuomnia and avoided an expensive trip to the ER. Some people with no money go to the ER and come out with a couple grand in medical bills.

I watched a video from Stefan Pylarinos (yeah he’s a stud) on The Best Advice I Could Ever Give. Makes me think about how many times I’ve bounced from one idea to the next or one author’s material to the next and never really followed through with some of the advice I read to get ahead in life. There are times when it makes sense to get multiple opinions and others where following one voice, one message is critical to success.

Since I’m a little stir crazy not being able to workout I bought myself one of those workout balls and pushup bars. I find myself doing more exercises on the ball for my core muscles in a day than I would do some weeks.

This month I’m focusing less on money and more on having rich experiences in life. DJ EZ-Rock died earlier today. He was 46. My father was 47 when he died. Some people achieve to be happy and find that they get the car, the house, the relationship, the family, the whatever and aren’t fulfilled. I think finding happy moments along the way regardless of the obstacle is the only way to truly win at life. 🙂 Posting this blog after midnight, off to get some shuteye now.

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