Month 23 Update – $33,018.91

Month 23 Update: i currently owe $33,018.91 on my student loans as of March 4, 2014. Image

Our washing machine needed to be serviced. I looked around on Yelp for the best company in the area. Basically I wanted the job done, didn’t want to wait the entire day for a service technician and obviously didn’t want to get price-gouged. I asked in advance, the owner said the repair typically runs $150. The actual cost was $99 as only labor was involved. If I let the machine go longer making noises I could’ve destroyed the entire thing.

My car is coming up for a service appointment. Spark plugs are rated for 100k miles but the car is also 6 years old. Car has 76k miles. I might be able to put this one off for another year. Still afraid of heaving the plugs seize up in the cylinder head.

Electric bill was $204, I am very eager for warmer weather. The cold makes me less active and has basically doubled our bill. It’s gonna be rough until my next paycheck. Keeping a $1000 emergency fund is harder than I thought. I hit it, then go back under it again.



My credit card balance is only $100 right now, but have about $250 in pending charges and $907 in cash. Last week I ate out almost every day due to stress / convenience and a need to go out and be more social. Gained 7lbs in a month but this isn’t permanent. Cutting back on carbs /  wheat in my diet and preparing more meals will help. I can’t remember the last day I got a full 8 hrs of undivided sleep.  I need to remember what it means to have fun.

I’ll end this with something a little different… I find the busier I am, the less time I have to be depressed about anything.

Five Steps to Happiness

1 – Stay Off Social Media
2 – Don’t Talk Negatively about Other
3 – Give Gratitude
4 – Make Time For Yourself by Saying No
5 – Say Sorry

🙂 Get Debt-Free and Stay That Way!!

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