Unexpected Expenses

As much as I want to pay off Sallie Mae it’s time to beef up my emergency fund. For the month of January I’ll pay paying just the minimum $452 for the month. Between bills from the holidays and my pending medical bills it’s spreading me thin.

Today I was wheezing heavily and coughing at work. This has never happened to me before and lasted for a full 45 minutes. Luckily my job has a clinic on-site. I went down there and both people who worked there and those waiting felt really bad for me. So I was seen a full hour before my appointment. Chest x-ray ruled out pneumonia, tested negative for flu and negative for strep. Got a nebulizer treatment for a half hour, blood work drawn and two injections in my backside. I immediately started to feel better. My prescriptions were only $12. Went home and did 0 work afterward.

My current health plan has a $4000 deductible. That is going to $2000 in about two weeks. Still not enough to make a big difference in what I will end up owing. I hope most of the stuff at the clinic is covered by my co-pay but I cannot say so for sure. The x-rays will be a couple hundred dollars I figure.

Currently I have $197 in my bank account so an emergency fund is non-existant. I need to pull back at least for a month to do some damage control. Credit card balance is just under $700, close to $900 after pending transactions hit. That will be paid off in full after my next paycheck. I put the ATT ($87), Verizon ($150) and electricity bill (not yet added but $212) on it.

It’s a wakeup call that health is important and having insurance matters. Coming out of the holidays without super much massive damage (though I spent more than I wanted to) and that makes me happy. That’s all for now.


Update: Maybe the X-Rays aren’t as much as I thought. I see an estimated cost online of $32 for the center I went to.

Month 20 – $35,224 & The Holidays


I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree lately, but I can justify most of it on items I really needed.

Canon printer – Goes for $130, got it for 69.99. The printer I was using before an Epson Stylus CX 4200 works fine but it’s also from Bush W’s second term. Just about time for a replacement..
AppleTV – Got it for “free” as part of the rewards program on my credit card. I will use this, possibly subscribe to Hulu Plus, use the HBO Go account through my parents and our PS3 and get rid of two of the three boxes we have in the house once contract is up. For the most part, two TVs go unwatched. Speaking of, I just checked my FIOS bill and my 1 year HBO / Cinemax credit was about to run out. That would be an extra $25/mo for something I barely watch as it is (other than when True Blood is on).

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones – I listen to music often on my iPhone / MacBook Air. The Bose ones have always amazed me with the base and clarity with high notes. However not worth the $300 I would pay if I got them in the mall. The current pair of headphones I have are from 2009 and not particular comfortable on my ears for more than 15 minutes.

Universal Bathroom Fan Replacement Electric Motor Kit – Only like $15 and I used money my friend gave me on a Gift Card to buy this. Basically the fan in our bathroom sounded like it was ready to die and was embarrassing when friends would use it and heard this loud grinding noise.


Infinity USB Digital Foot Control – Used one of these first when I was an Executive Assistant in a previous life. I plan to start doing some part-time work in the transcribing field. My goal is for an extra $100/month. That can cover gas, eating out and various other things. Transcribing is based on both speed and accuracy. It’s hard to do both clicking Play / Pause constantly. Haven’t had time to really think it through fully between picking a company and how much of my time per week I want to dedicate toward this. 5-8 hours is probably a good ballpark range.

On top of that I’ve been buying some gifts for my bf. I do these things out of both love and the understanding he is getting me something for Christmas too. Probably not spending over $250 and still have more shopping to do. Haven’t bought anything for my parents, we kind of have a mutual understanding that times are tough and I have most everything I truly need.

My credit card balance was 0 but is now up to $595.

Also a quick recap of Thanksgiving. I ate way more than I should of and felt extremely guilty about it. I’ll spare you the picture of my stomach sticking out like I’m pregnant. Also after a couple of days I was not really willing to eat unhealthy leftovers anymore. So a lot of food went in the garbage. That’s what happens when people cook for a small army and the number that shows up is markedly lower than planned. I’ve been to the gym a few times in the days since and think I’m on the right path.

The overeating really made me think about life in general. How people eat food to fill an emotional void. I’ve met three people who either had a gastric bypass or lap band surgery. In some cases some of their weight gain may have been preventable but for me, paying proper attention to health is my religion. Too many people in my life had to deal with the effects of bad health. I’m going to fight like hell not to be a statistic. My BMI is presently 32.5. Above 30 is obsess and 25-29.9 is overweight. Tom Venuto’s Book The Body Fat Solution has helped me understand more about why I’m getting fat. The social element was and continues to be the hardest part of all, eating out with friends. Having a taste for a particular item on the menu, drink or a dessert and underestimating or completely disregarding the number of calories it contains. Then repeating that same cycle day after day, week after week, month after month. I’m done, I’ve reached a Picard The Line Must Be Drawn Here┬ámoment.

Last but not least we’ve had some crazy ice storm here in Dallas. Plenty of accidents left and right, a friend had to get his car repaired for hail damage. I’ve seen ambulances zooming buy on multiple times a day. Be safe, Happy Holidays. Remember People First, Then Money, Then Things. Now you say safe.