Month 19 Update – 35,925.89 & Counting

Sallie Mae Month 19 Update
Sallie Mae Month 19 Update

No I didn’t forget about this. Student loan is down to $35,925.89 as of 11/9. This month has been a challenge as my credit card balance was $1k at one point, it’s $407 now, will be around $900 after the bill from the plumber hits. I have enough to pay the balance after my next paycheck (less than a week from now), but may not be able to do the ~$547 payment I do in the middle of the month and still have extra cash leftover. I could pay half of it now and the rest later. I hate getting behind on my plan though.

Anniversary date is coming up soon too. I want to do something special that won’t break the bank….

This marks my 100th post to this blog. I didn’t think I had it in me really to stay committed to writing a blog about getting out of debt and sticking to it. Giving myself an obligatory pat on the back. Now get back to work and keep making smarter decisions…

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